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Tyrese on Transformers

Published June 29, 2007 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Paramount.
Transformers Transformers

Every actor in a military movie always talks about their training, their week or two of boot camp that totally gave them the chops to play a soldier. Tyrese Gibson kept it all in perspective. He plays a sergeant leading U.S. forces against the Transformers invasion.

Tyrese Gibson on Transformers

"The best part about this movie is that when a bomb is about to go off they actually tell us before it happens," said Gibson. "But them, they’re overseas, they’re walking in fields, they’re running into land mines, loosing legs and you name it. It’s all unexpected. So to be around those guys and then they say, ‘Man, we wish it was like this in Iraq. We wish we had us a Michael Bay in Iraq that can tell us where some shit is about to explode at, you know what I mean, so we can go on home.’ That puts things into perspective."

Gibson is supported in Transformers by many real Rangers and SEALs playing extras in their unit. "Knowing that you’re meeting a bunch of people that are headed to Iraq, everybody that was there, they’re all real soldiers, have these big old boot camps. It’s a couple of miles long that they set them up. Not boot camps but like the actual Army bases because when they go over to Iraq and they set up shop in the middle of nowhere."

Even with Michael Bay informing the actors what explosions to anticipate, hitting ones cues still presented a challenge. "It was hard to get your dialogue done sometimes at the end of all of them bomb sequences, but it all worked out someway somehow. When this stuff was happening, man, you were just trying your best to remember your dialogue. If you forget your dialogue and it was all done in one fluid shot, then it’s a problem. Now they’ve got to go reset all of these bombs. And you’re sitting around."

Luckily, dialogue was the only problem. Nobody was in any danger on the Transformers set. "As crazy and as much mayhem as it is, it was very well-organized. Like at no point could you have said that you didn’t know that a bomb was going to go off, or a tank or a helicopter was going to explode, or a whole half of a building was going to come tumbling down. Like whatever was going on, they had a lot of meetings in the middle of the day. The whole cast was in front so it was your job to listen to what the hell’s about to happen, because you could die."

Transformers opens to theatres on July 2nd.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Paramount.

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