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Latest Batch of Transformers Updates

Published June 25, 2007 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Paramount.
Just when we thought we can move on to our set visit and interviews for Transformers, we have compiled another string of updates that should keep you busy until at least tonight.

Transformers Updates

Even more Transformers updates coming at you!

Transformers in Detroit
Seibertron has posted images from the GM River Walk event in Detroit. Thanks to 'Cesar' for the heads up.

The GM Transformers Movie vehicles will be on display from June 22 - June 27, 2007 on Detroit’s new River Walk. The cars (Chevrolet Camaro - Bumblebee, Pontiac Solstice - Jazz, Hummer H2 - Ratchet, and GMC Top Kick - Ironhide) will take center stage at the Detroit International River Days presented by GM in collaboration with the Detroit RiverFront Conservancy and The Parade Company.

Transformers in Detroit Transformers

Transformers TV Spots
'Prime-time' has alerted us to two new and very badass TV spots for Transformers.

The second TV spot (shown above) can also be seen in a better quality at ComingSoon.

Transformers Tickets
Paramount tells us that tickets are now on sale and available through the film's official site.

Final Transformers One-Sheet
The good people at ComingSoon have posted the final Transformers one-sheet. It looks a whole lot like the Taiwanese poster (which used the collection of character posters) after being put through BabbleFish.

Transformers Poster Transformers Poster

The Transformers Rock Anthem
Got some more info on that rock anthem for Transformers we heard a couple weeks back. Adam Hsieh from MovieSoon had this to say on the track:

Everyone heard a rock version of the Transformers theme song from SectorSeven. But who made it? Of course it's not Linkin Park! We've found that it's from an American independent rock band "black lab". Andy Ellis, their guitarist, is such a huge Transformers fan, he got the band roped up to do a cover of the original theme in honor of the new movie. Check out the fan video for the song here.

And that will do it! Interviews with cast and crew coming today!

Transformers opens to theaters on July 2nd.

For the trailers, clips, posters, stills and movie info, go to the Transformers Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Paramount.

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