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Tim Kring on Heroes: Origins

Published June 22, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of NBC.
Heroes Heroes

Heroes is quickly becoming the new Law and Order or CSI franchise. They've already got a spinoff planned. Heroes: Origins will tell separate stories from Heroes about characters discovering their powers. Work has only begun on preparing the second series.

Heroes: Origins with Tim Kring

"We are now in the process of talking about who is going to be writing and directing them," said creator Tim Kring.

Don't expect any of the regulars to appear on Origins. "This cast has 24 episodes which is a giant mountain of work to do already. The idea is that these are the stories of other people. The show has posited this idea that this is happening all over the world and so this is an opportunity for us to tell some stories about some of these other people out there."

But Origins will give fans something to tide them over during Heroes' hiatus. "The idea of when we’re going to air, as of now, the idea with Origins is that Heroes will run continuously as much as we can throughout the season. Obviously there are a couple of tiny breaks along the way. When Heroes ends in April, Origins would begin."

Since each Origin would be a standalone episode, they may be able to land high profile actors who wouldn't normally be available for recurring parts. "That's one of the interesting things about the idea of it being an anthology where people don't have to commit to an entire series. Some of the hopes of that is to entice certain actors, certain writers, certain directors that may not normally be attracted to the workload of a series. Word is going out right now. We're literally in the beginning stages of that and we hear often from people that they're a big fan of the show."

Now, that idea of fans voting for their favorite Origin to join the Heroes cast isn't quite that far fetched. "We're seeing how that would work. It would not be able to be for the entire season. It would probably be within a couple of contained episodes to allow for just this. To allow for the idea, it's very difficult to let the fans have that much control over something. Internally, you may not be able to make a deal with somebody or they may not be available or they may be terrible to work with and we don't want to work with them. There's a million reasons why you don't want somebody imposing that on you."

Heroes: Origins begins next year on NBC.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of NBC.

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