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Marketing The Incredible Hulk

Published June 14, 2007 in Movie News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
The Hulk The Hulk
Marvel is making it clear that The Incredible Hulk is completely different from their first Hulk. New actors, new directors, they'll even make the Hulk look different. But when the word Hulk is on the marquee, how will they sell that to the fans.

Kevin Feige on The Incredible Hulk

"Well, certainly that's their job with the film is to market it and sell it," said Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, while on the set of in-production Iron Man. "We have a lot of participation in that. I think there's a couple ways. I think the casting announcement that we've given have given everybody sort of pause or a lot of people are looking at it in a new light, something that they think would be interesting, worth a second look. I think that's a big part of it. I also think when people see a kick-ass trailer, it'll change their minds. And when they see the redesign of the character, they see the new texture, the new tone and the new vibe, the fun and the action and the smashing, that that will change everything."

Universal is still Marvel's partner in Hulk, despite mixed results the first time around. "Part of it was that and part of it was also sort of continuity. Part of it was the synergy that can be involved with NBC Universal. Mainly that was based on the relationship of the first film and certain agreements in getting the rights back."

Though he's critical of Ang Lee's version, Feige conceded that it wasn't all bad. "I thought some of the transitions were cool, yeah. I don't think it took away from the story. I thought it was very cool. I don't think to make a comic book movie you have to have comic book panels going around. I think Spider-Man, Sam did an amazing job translating it and there were no panels floating around there. But I thought he and his editorial staff did a great job coming up with some amazing transitions."

Stay tuned for updates.
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Fred Topel
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