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Sopranos Movie Not in the Cards

Published June 12, 2007 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of HBO, full report at Associated Press.
The Sopranos The Sopranos
Sopranos fans are split on whether they like or dislike the series finale that aired last Sunday. Personally, I loved it, and it does give the option to keep things open -- like a movie perhaps?

Yes, the idea has already begun to spread across the net like hot rumors do and David Chase is ready to clear a few things up.

David Chase, No Movie for The Sopranos

Though a Sopranos movie is bound to be a guaranteed box office hit, David Chase sat down with The Star-Ledger of Newark and admitted that he didn't (at this moment) have that in mind.

"I don't think about (a movie) much," he told the paper. "I never say never. An idea could pop into my head where I would go, `Wow, that would make a great movie,' but I doubt it.

"I'm not being coy," he added. "If something appeared that really made a good `Sopranos' movie and you could invest in it and everybody else wanted to do it, I would do it. But I think we've kind of said it and done it."

With a series that ends on a black screen, many have speculated that either the story was left open to continue running its course or that Tony was assassinated. Though there were some suspicious individuals in the room, let me give you my take.

The suspicious individuals go to show that Tony will forever have to look over his shoulder. Hey, it comes with the job. When it comes to his life of crime, he is bigger and better than ever before. The Sopranos and Tony's 'other' family are doing excellent considering they absorbed the entire New York family after Phil's demise. Added income means Carmela can rip apart her new property -- we see her looking through a catalog to do so -- and AJ, though still a partial-idiot, gets a new M3.

Like the shrink suggested in the episode before the finale, Tony has learned how to be an excellent gangster-slash-business man thanks to his therapy sessions. Sure, he may end up going to court in that federal case, but he does have a couple friendly feds on his side; remember the celebration in the finale? As Tony's lawyer suggests, cases were created to win.

Tony will always be a criminal, and now he is bigger than ever. On the family side, all of his children's careers are looking up.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of HBO, full report at Associated Press.

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