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The Dark Knight In Chicago

Published June 8, 2007 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
The Dark Knight Teaser The Dark Knight

With The Dark Knight ready to enter production, Chicago has reason to celebrate as most of the filming will be held there. Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan discuss the advantages to using such a cityscape as Mayor Daley rejoices about the added income from what looks to be the city's biggest production.

The Dark Knight in Chicago

With an expected $45 million boost to Chicago's economy thanks to the arrival of The Dark Knight, Mayor Daley has plenty to be excited for. He is not alone, however, as both Bale and Nolan are anxious to take advantage of what Chicago has to offer. ABCChicago caught up with the star and director to talk some specifics:

Filmmakers were thoroughly seduced by Chicago's landscape when they shot "Batman Begins" in Chicago back in 2004. They couldn't wait to get back for more.

"I also fell in love very much with the architecture of the city," said director Christopher Nolan.

"We tend to shoot at night like some kind of covert operation," [Bale] said. "So, we have minimal people actually seeing me in that way. But I'm sure they look and think 'Who the hell is that freak?' when they do come across me! Afterall, that should be the point because Batman is meant to strike fear into people's hearts. So, if they just thought, 'Yeah, yeah, it's Batman,' then it wouldn't work."

Check out the entire report at ABCChicago.

Thanks to 'kpitrl' for the heads up.

The Dark Knight opens to theatres on July 18th, 2008.

For more movie info, go to The Dark Knight Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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