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Norbit on DVD

Published June 4, 2007 in DVD News
By Chris Corpus | Image property of respective holders.
Norbit DVD Norbit
Know what’s funny about Norbit? Yeah, me neither.

DVD Review: Norbit

It’s sad to see Eddie Murphy wasting whatever talent he has left on incredibly poor scripts like this. I’m not one to say that I can’t find any redeemable qualities in a film, but this one made me really have to stretch. The only redeemable quality of Norbit is the makeup effects done on Eddie Murphy to make the fat look so real on him. It truly is disgusting.

If making fun of fat people was so funny though, a lot more grade school bullies would have careers in Hollywood. If making fun of stereotypical fat black women was so funny, well then Eddie Murphy would probably be getting a lot more work. It’s embarrassing to watch Eddie Murphy’s decline from great multi-character films like Coming to America to poorly written, poorly acted films like Norbit.

The special features on the disc were less than remarkable as well: Several deleted scenes, none of which were funny (hence the deletion). A bland documentary on the stunts of Norbit (you don’t remember any decent stunts in the film either?). A mock infomercial featuring Marlon Wayans (come on, gold teeth and spandex jokes are still funny!). There is nothing on this disc to bring more than a disappointed chuckle (including the film).

f you want to watch Eddie Murphy play several different characters in a funny film, go rent Coming to America. If you want to see Eddie Murphy in a film that borders on stereotypical racism and won’t make you laugh, rent Norbit.

Norbit comes to DVD June 5th.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Chris Corpus
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