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DVD to Buy: Apocalypto

Published May 21, 2007 in DVD News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Touchstone Pictures.
Apocalypto Poster Apocalypto
Apocalypto is one of those rare films that you can suggest to any friend or family member and know that they will at least like, if not love, this latest creation from Mel Gibson. It doesn't matter what your off-screen impressions of Gibson are, as the guy is one hell of a director.

Apocalypto DVD Review

I was able to get my housemates to sit down and watch Apocalypto as they had yet to see it. If you have already read my review of the film, you know that I can't speak any louder on how strongly I feel about this film. Even if you don't get the message, Apocalypto is one hell of an adventure.

The first thing all of us noticed from the Apocalypto DVD is the clarity and contrast. Holy Aztec, are we watching this in HD?! Sadly, no, as I only have an HD-DVD player while Apocalypto has been released exclusively to DVD and Blu-Ray. Considering how sharp the DVD looked on my 55" Mitsubishi in 480p, I can only fantasize on how the film must look in 1080i. Seriously, I'd have to assume Apocalypto to be one of the best-looking HD films to date -- the green and blue hues shine off the screen.

The DVD comes with a few extra features including a "Making of" and optional commentary from Mel Gibson.

But you should not need these extra features to purchase Apocalypto. The film is so unique that it stands on its own mantle and easily deserves a place among your DVD or Blu-Ray collection. Don't rent it, just go out and buy it.

The only people I would not suggest Apocalypto to are those under the age of 10 and moviegoers who found White Chicks to be insightful.

Apocalypto comes to DVD and Blu-Ray on May 22nd.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Touchstone Pictures.

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