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Parker Posey on Fay Grim

Published May 18, 2007 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Images property of Magnolia Picture.
10 years after Henry Fool, Parker Posey reprised her role as the title character's wife, Fay Grim, in the sequel, now named after her character. Fay Grim is the first time Posey has reprised a character in a film, but it's been in her head and heart from the beginning.

Parker Posey on Fay Grim

"Certain stories can carry a second movie," she said. "This was kind of like very archetypal. You can see these characters are very rich. It’s Hal’s American family, the Grim family. Henry Fool comes to town and shakes up the town. Fay falls in love with him. She gets proposed to as he’s on the toilet. She should have known better, she can’t help herself."

The sequel has Fay going on a CIA mission to recover the lost diaries of her ex-husband. With signature Hartley dialogue, it's definitely not your average international espionage thriller.

"Where his talent lies is in this kind of writing and this kind of story telling so be to able to be an actor and to work for him saying these lines and moving in these ways is really a lot of fun. All actors love Hal because if they can they get to utilize themselves and how they move and how they speak and being someone like Henry Fool, Agent Fulbright, there’s just this kind of world so we were all talking about it."

Fay Grim Poster Fay Grim

Henry Fool was much more contained in Queens, but Parker had no reservations letting Fay loose on the world. "I loved doing the kind of imagining your character out to how she is in the beginning to what she goes through in the middle and what happens to her by the end. It’s a unique kind of space that you put yourself in and she becomes more calm and more resigned I think by the end of the film because she knows this kind of truth. She kind of always knew that Henry would come again somehow, and she’s kind of haunted in the film I think but she finds herself being her own superhero and all of a sudden she’s in these situations in over her head but not even wanting to know what the problem is and not being able to understand the problem but she knows she loves her husband and even though throughout the entire movie she hates herself for it and she’s denying it and all these guys are trying to flirt with her by the end you know there he is. Yeah, there he is again. I’m not seeing him, he’s not seeing me. It’s just mythological, it’s really a heavy mythological."

Fay Grim opens to theatres today.

For the trailer and more movie info, go to Fay Grim Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Images property of Magnolia Picture.

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