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Rupert Everett's Charming on Shrek the Third

Published May 17, 2007 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Dreamworks.
Shrek the Third Shrek the Third
Shrek the Third continues to improve on the technology of the CGI animation, which means that Prince Charming's wavy hair is even more flowing than before. Voice actor Rupert Everett continues to be amazed by the films' vision.

Rupert Everett On Shrek the Third

"The thing about Shrek the Third and the second one, all of them, they’ve made a huge technological advances," said Everett. "But this one is beautiful, the way they’ve managed to do light and sunlight and evening sunlight and water, just the cliffs. It’s the most romantic one look-wise. I loved it."

The method of putting these films together also constantly evolves. The actors make themselves available to revoice whatever is needed for the new story points. "My song at the end didn’t come straight away. I wasn’t doing that. That suddenly showed up about a year ago, or six months ago I think. They evolve it all the time. They’re constantly thinking. It’s an amazing process to be involved with."

Everett considers just being cast in the series a benchmark for his career. "I think it is like the kind of golden handshake of a career in a way because you can’t get into a Shrek movie if you want to. They only ask you to be in it. You can’t audition for a role coming up. It’s a fascinating thing. It’s a real state of the art movie. Every single detail is thought out and it’s lovely to be involved with."

Once accepted, it's a relatively easy gig to perform. "15 days all in all, over a course of three or four years. I don’t mean to sound glib but it’s not difficult. It’s a really great job. It’s a good character for me to play, put it that way. It’s fun for me to do."

Shrek the Third opens with Prince Charming performing his story in dinner theater. "It was such a funny idea for it to be in dinner theater, very humorous, with his dressing room out on the street. He’s obviously made one of the fire doors into his dressing room entrance. It’s very charming. I like it."

Shrek the Third opens to theatres on May 18th.

For the posters, trailers, stills and additional info, go to the Shrek the Third Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Dreamworks.

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