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Mike Myers on Shrek the Third

Published May 16, 2007 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Dreamworks.
Shrek the Third Shrek the Third
Shrek is a pretty well-oiled machine at this point. By the third movie, everyone knows how to come in and do their voice, the animators know to do the characters and the stories are pretty well established. If anything, the work is to avoid going too far out of characters, says Mike Myers.

Mike Myers On Shrek the Third

"I wanted to make sure there was consistency so that you could kind of honor [the previous movies]," said Myers. "I just feel the custodial pressure. Like I feel because 1 and 2 were happily and gratefully so well received, that on the third one you want to just maintain, say to the people, 'Thank you for coming to 1 and 2 and we're going to honor you by making the third the best movie it could possibly be.' And there is a slight difference. It is slightly deeper in the third one than it is in the first and second. That was my concession to change."

Shrek the Third finds the ogre facing impending fatherhood and looking for a replacement heir to his throne. Myers feels Shrek is the biggest obstacle to his own happiness.

"The character of Shrek has developed. In the first one, he had to learn to love himself in order to be loved. The second one, he had to learn to love himself in order to be married, to start his own family. In the third one, he had to learn to love himself in order to believe that an ogre could possibly be a father or the king of a country. You feel in the third one, I do anyway, that you feel the third one honors the first and second one, it's the same lesson in a different rite of passage. He has that one more rite of passage to go before he can fully be responsible for another human being."

As a comedian, Myers can relate. It's a well known statistic that most comedians derive humor from real life unhappiness. "Oh, I'd say that's 100% accurate. Most comedians want to be the architects of their own embarrassment. They have horrendous self-esteem issues for which being the first, like 'I myself will fall into the mud. I don't want to be pushed into the mud.' So yeah, that's probably true but I think most people struggle with self-acceptance. I think that's pretty universal. It's just comedians get an outlet to externalize it."

Though he has created many memorable characters, Myers stays out of the Shrek writing process, leaving the team to do their best. "I think it's developed beautifully well. I think the writing on the movie is excellent. I am very excited to be part of it. It feels like I'm on a Stanley Cup winning team. Everybody wants it to be excellent at every turn and they're tireless is the only way I can describe it."

Shrek the Third opens to theatres on May 18th.

For the posters, trailers, stills and additional info, go to the Shrek the Third Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Dreamworks.

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