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Epic Movie Arrives Unrated on DVD

Published May 15, 2007 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Epic Movie Epic Movie
I don't usually care about unrated cuts of movies. I can't usually even tell the difference. If they add a nipple or a gore shot or an extra F bomb, I'm not really keeping track. But with Epic Movie, there was one scene I thought could be improved by an unrated edition.

DVD Review: Epic Movie

In their spoof of Snakes on a Plane, the theatrical cut had Samuel L. Jackson saying, "I've had it with these god damn snakes on this god damn plane." Understandably, they couldn't say MF because they had to be rated PG-13. Frankly, getting R-rated didn't help Snakes on a Plane any either. But, did they have the foresight to shoot a version with MF for the DVD?

YES! The unrated DVD version of Epic Movie has Samuel L. Jackson say "motherf***in' snakes on this motherf***in' plane!" That's worth owning the DVD right there. I didn't even watch the rest of it. I just played the MFin' snakes chapter on a continuous loop.

Epic Movie (Unrated Edition) comes to DVD on May 22nd.

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