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Danny Trejo on Hood of Horror

Published May 14, 2007 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders.
Hood of Horror Hood of Horror
Right now, Danny Trejo's getting all the attention for Machete, his fake trailer that opened Grindhouse. You always see him popping up as bad guys, or ironically sweet children's heroes. If you catch the horror release Hood of Horror, you'll see him in more of a trademark role. As a derelict in the hood, he gives a horror heroine the power to mark evildoers for death with her graffiti.

Danny Trejo on Hood of Horror

"This is fun," said Trejo. "This movie was fun. Horror films are a blast because you get to work with people who love what they're doing. You can't slip and slide on a horror movie because first of all, you start out sitting for two and a half hours in makeup. So everybody has to come early, so the makeup people love what they're doing. It's not like you're going to do this kind of makeup and not like it. So it's like everything's a real up place. I think they really got the right person to direct this because it was a woman and there's a lot of testosterone in this industry."

Stacy Title directed Hood of Horror, and Trejo appreciated the feminine side of filmmaking. "I've been directed by women before. Most of them steer, they don't direct. I mean , you've got some directors [who scream and shout.] Yeah, yeah, yeah. But then when somebody just kind of steers you or tells you, 'How do you want me to play this?' And they say, 'Just go ahead, go for it, do whatever you want.' Then wow, they just kind of steer you. It makes it a lot of fun."

Snoop Dogg plays Devon, the sort of Crypt Keeper character tying three separate stories together. Trejo hit it off with the Doggfather too. "I've known Snoop for a long time. Me and Snoop go way back so working with him is just fun. It was just like old times. We were just cutting it up and talking about the streets and hoods. It's fun to work with him. Snoop's a real kind of guy. I have problems with a lot of the 'actors.' There's not a lot of actors, but rappers, they become rappers and famous and then they try to get street cred. It's like come on, you didn't have it back then, then don't worry about it. You're a rapper. But snoop had his cred a long time ago so he doesn't have to prove anything."

When Snoop and Trejo get together, they're not talking about the craft. "Me and Snoop talked about west side and what we're going to do and stuff. I think the directors kind of had everything kind of down. She knew what she wanted. I think she's a master at getting what she wanted but passively. Not aggressively. So she would say stuff like, 'Danny, just go for it. Do whatever you want to do. Yeah, yeah, yeah, try it this way.' So you were kind of having fun while you were doing it. It wasn't like, 'Oh wait, what is she telling me to do?'"

Hood of Horror is now playing.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
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