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Austin Powers to Shag Again?

Published May 7, 2007 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Austin Powers Austin Powers
I have to admit it - I was a late bloomer on the Austin Powers franchise. I only found a few moments in the first installment truly entertaining, and then ended up completely enjoying the sequel; something that made me go back and become a renewed fan of the first installment.

See the circle forming here?

Well, Mike Myers is hoping to broaden my circumference by adding a fourth Austin Powers installment to the trilogy... plus one.

Myers Confirms Austin Powers 4

Clint Morris at MovieHole talked to Michael Myers and discovered that the actor is far from over the Austin Powers franchise.

Mike Myers tells Moviehole that he’s eyeing an Austin Powers 4, only this one will be more Dr.Evil’s movie than the mojo-equipped super spy’s.

“There is a fully conceived idea for a fourth and I can just say that it’s from Dr Evil’s point of view, so if you balanced how much of it was Austin with Dr Evil, it’s more Dr Evil than Austin”, Myers tells us an interview to promote his new film, Shrek the Third.

Before enduring the “Austin” make-up session again, Myers will play musician Keith Moon in a biopic.

“About four and a half years ago I got a call from security that a Roger Daltry wanted to come, so he came and he said ‘I really would love you to play Keith’ and because I’ve drummed my whole life, I love The Who, I love Keith, I was fascinated by that time. I made Austin Powers because of my fascination and I grew up in an English house and there is nobody more English than an Englishman who no longer lives in England, so I was just inundated with English culture. Donald Margulies is the Pulitzer Prize wining playwright has written the screenplay and it’s great, so I’m excited. It will probably be Love Guru, and then Moon.”

Since each Austin Powers featured an increase in cameo appearances, I am guessing we can expect 17 cameos in the installment. Nope, just 17.

*If you can figure out why I'd possibly use this number, contact me with your guess.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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