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Survivor Fiji Rundown #10

Published April 20, 2007 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of CBS.
Survivor Fiji Survivor Fiji

Strategy and alliances are the name of the game. There are nine survivors left and this week the real back stabbing begins.

Survivor Fiji Rundown: Episode #10

Alex wants Mookie to pass around the immunity idol among the ‘four horsemen’ so they could each hold it for a day. Alex reminds Mookie that he and Edgardo worked with him to find the idol. Why should Mookie get to make the rules as to how it will be used? Mookie tells Dreamz about the conversation with Alex concerning the idol. Mookie also lets Dreamz know he screwed the two of them by voting out Michelle instead of Stacy.

Boo approaches Earl to make an alliance of five consisting of Earl, Yao-Man, Cassandra, Dreamz and himself. Boo thinks if they team up they could get rid of Alex. They feel Alex is trying to control the game.

For the challenge, each of the survivors must answer some questions in private. The answers are compiled and the object is for each of the players to match the most popular response to each question. With every question answered correctly, you are allowed to smash one of your opponents’ towers. When all three towers are smashed you are out of the game. The last survivor with a tower standing wins reward. The reward is a cruise on a 70 ft. luxury yacht including cocktails and BBQ. The winner will also get to send someone to Exile Island.

It becomes apparent early on which of the survivors is liked least. Stacy is the first contestant out, as her towers are the first three smashed in succession. Next eliminations are: Boo, Earl, Alex, Mookie, Yao-Man and Edgardo. Dreamz and Cassandra are the last two in the game. Cassandra wins without answering one question incorrectly. She sends Mookie to Exile Island. There is no love lost between these two. Jeff tells Cassandra upon returning to camp she is to choose three other members to accompany her.

Mookie is irritated with Cassandra for sending him to Exile Island. He vows to get rid of her and everyone in her alliance as payback. Mookie deduces from the clues in the chest there is another immunity idol other than the one in his possession.

Cassandra chooses Dreamz, Boo and Yao-Man to share the reward with her. This is a very interesting choice to pick Boo over Earl. The three of them are chatting up Dreamz trying to solidify their position with him. They tell him they want to get rid of Alex because he is playing a ‘Harvard style game’. Dreamz knows he is the swing vote between the two alliances. He is trying to decide which way to go. His heart tells him to stick with Cassandra.

After they return from the reward, Dreamz tells Alex the others are planning to vote him out. Earl and Cassandra tell Dreamz they want to trust him but they don’t know which side he’s on. Dreamz wants to prove himself to Cassandra and Earl. He informs them Mookie has the immunity idol. Now there is something to think about.

It is time for the first individual immunity challenge. Each contestant must brace their arms between walls while resting their feet on a narrow foot hold. Every thirty minutes they must move down to a smaller foot hold. (They decrease in size from >1 inch to >½ inch to >¼ inch.) After making it to the smallest they must stay there as long as it takes until only one survivor is still in place. The last one standing wins immunity. The first survivors out are Cassandra, Edgardo, Earl and Mookie. At the one hour point we lose Alex and Dreamz. At the one hour and fifteen minute mark Stacy falls. Only Boo and Yao-Man remain. Boo starts to fall several times but manages to recover. Finally, Boo falls and Yao-Man wins the first individual immunity.

Back at camp the plotting, planning and back stabbing begins. Yao-Man talks to Stacy about voting out Alex (who was in her alliance and saved her from the last vote). He tells her anybody but Earl. The ‘four horsemen’ want to vote for Earl. Stacy could provide the vote they need. She isn’t giving them the feedback they would like about siding with them. Acting upon the tip from Dreamz that the plan is to vote out Alex, Mookie gives Alex the idol. Stupid, stupid, stupid. More jockeying ensues and the ‘four horsemen’ decide to vote out Cassandra. Things seem to be unraveling for them. After hearing Mookie passed the idol to Alex; Earl, Cassandra, Boo, Stacy and Yao-Man decide to blindside the others and vote for Edgardo. They opt not to inform Dreamz of this change of plan. We could certainly use a scorecard here.

At tribal council Dreamz tells Jeff this has been the most chaotic day yet. He adds tonight they will be able to separate the snakes from the rats. What does that mean? Yao-Man is the only person that is safe and says it does an old man good to come to tribal council with a normal heart rate and blood pressure. Alex says he suspects someone who has been to Exile Island multiple times probably has the idol – like Earl. Each member casts their vote. Jeff asks if before the votes are read anyone would like to play the idol. Alex gets up and hands Jeff the immunity idol. This has to be one of the dumbest moves in Survivor history. I thought Mookie was a better player than this. The votes are read – Edgardo 5 – Cassandra 3 – Mookie 1. Edgardo is absolutely shocked. The idol is wasted. Jeff informs us the idol will be re-hidden and new clues will be on Exile Island. Our cutie Jeff closes with “The chaos in tonight’s tribal council shows the game is in a constant state of flux”. Profound Probst.

Will the remaining ‘four horsemen’ be picked off one by one? How much longer can Dreamz play both sides of the fence? Will Yao-Man be forced to use his idol? Will contestants want to go to Exile Island for the opportunity to find the second idol? We are down to 8 players. Who will Outwit – Outplay - Outlast

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of CBS.

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