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Survivor Fiji Rundown #9

Published April 17, 2007 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of CBS.
Survivor Fiji Survivor Fiji

We know it is time for the merge, but how many twists can be pulled off in a single episode?

Both tribes know the merge is close at hand. The jockeying for position is becoming heated. At Ravu, Mookie is determined to keep the idol in his pocket. Edgardo threatens him if he uses it against him.

Survivor Fiji Rundown: Episode #9

Tree mail at Moto reveals they are to gather their personal belongings ONLY and paddle to Exile Island. Michelle and Earl know they can handle the hardships, but those who have only lived in luxury (Stacy, Boo and Cassandra) think they might die.

The tribes paddle out to Exile Island. There are no instructions, no Jeff – will the merge actually happen? They climb to the top of the tower looking for tree mail. In a chest are new purple buffs and a note notifying them of the merge. Twist #1. They are instructed to return to Moto’s camp. Mookie is ecstatic. He’s the only one not to have lived at ‘luxury camp’. When they paddle back to camp all of the luxury items are gone. All that is left are flint, a machete and fishing gear. There is no bed, no couch, no bathroom – bastards. Twist #2.

There is tree mail left for them. It instructs them to rebuild their world from scratch. They are to pick a new tribe name and make a new tribe flag. They choose Bula Bula (hello hello). As Michelle and Stacy work on the tribe flag, they are discussing what they think will happen next. They predict the guys will start going after each other.

Earl is confident in his ‘core’, himself, Michelle, Yao-Man and Cassandra. Never be too confident Earl – it usually comes back to bite you. Boo is worried about his position he feels he is the next to go. Mookie is the first to infiltrate the other tribe trying to get information. He is interrogating Cassandra, Dreamz and Yao-Man to find out who is with whom. They tell him Boo is the first to go and then Stacy.

Alex tells us in an aside the ‘four horsemen’ are controlling the game. Mookie tells Dreamz they found the idol – what the hell are you thinking man? When Dreamz learns they have had the idol for a few days, he has lost all trust in the other guys – duh. Edgardo is uncomfortable Dreamz will go to Cassandra and blow it for them. Alex and Edgardo want to pull Stacy into their group because she will be loyal. Dreamz and Mookie discuss keeping Stacy plays into Alex and Edgardo’s hand. She was their former tribe member.

Our survivors come into the clearing for what we think will be the first individual immunity challenge. But, Jeff offers them bags from which to pick out stones. There is one bag for guys and one for girls. The green team is Alex, Stacy, Michelle, Mookie and Dreamz. The orange team is Edgardo, Earl, Yao-Man, Cassandra and Boo. They will compete in the challenge as teams. Twist #3. The winning team will get immunity and a feast. The losing team will go to tribal council and read the contents of a note.

The tribes will first study the symbols on a Fijian mask. After memorizing the symbols they row a boat to retrieve bundles of puzzle pieces from three stations. Two members of the team will then assemble the pieces and fit them into a mask in the correct spaces. The orange team leads from the beginning. Yao-Man is becoming a true force in the game. The green team is having a hard time figuring out how to get the bags off the coil. The orange team is the first back to shore with their bags. The green team has made up some time and is catching up. Ultimately, Yao-Man makes a last minute switch of the pieces and the orange team wins immunity. Jeff opens the note. Twist #4. The contents read they are to go straight to tribal council with no ability to strategize. How much more can we take in one episode?

At tribal council Jeff asks Dreamz what it was like to return to Moto with everything gone. He says it was like the first day all over again accept they already knew each other. Mookie says there is a paranoia since they weren’t able to talk to each other. Stacy says she feels uncomfortable. Jeff asks Dreamz what would be a good reason to vote for Stacy. He replied with one of the best lines spoken in Survivor history – “She ain’t me.” Alex is asked about why to vote for each of the other survivors. He virtually told everyone at tribal council how he was voting with his response. Now it’s time to vote Stacy -2 Michelle -3. With Mookie being the only guy to vote for Stacy, I assume there will be much discussion about this later.

What will happen to the alliance of the ‘four horsemen’? Will Dreamz blow the game wide open with his knowledge of the idol? What is the future of Earl’s ‘core’ without Michelle? Who will Outwit – Outplay – Outlast?

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of CBS.

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