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American Idol Finalist Episode 5 Recap

Published April 11, 2007 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of respective holders.
Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez
This week is Latin themed music. Who better to mentor our contestants than Jennifer Lopez? She has probably been the most helpful mentor this season. She had good advice and performance ideas for our idol hopefuls.

Let’s rank their performances from best to not who you expect.

American Idol S6 (Finalist) Episode 5 Recap

1. Blake “I Need to Know” was spot on with this Marc Anthony hit – good song for his voice – very cool – Randy said best song choice of the night – Paula said captured the essence of you – Simon said best choice of song for the night and best performance.

2. Jordin “Rhythm is Gonna Get You” took this Gloria Estefan song and truly made it her own – really fun – beautiful voice and presence – she could win this thing - Randy said wonderful, you got it, yo factor – Paula said authentic and adorable - Simon said ok performance nothing stunning.

3. Chris Richardson “Smooth” definitely smooth version of the Santana/Rob Thomas hit– really brought it at the end – Randy said really good job, very cool performance – Paula said hot and sexy – Simon said not the best vocal, but made the song contemporary.

4. Phil “Maria Maria” the Santana song good for his voice – great tone – the hat always a plus, makes his eyes stand out – Randy said boring, cracks at the end, did not come together for me – Paula said good vocal – Simon said no originality, voice cracked at end.

5. Melinda “Sway” recorded by Jennifer Lopez – I can’t get over how old she looks tonight, distracts from performance – voice good – Randy said solid performance – Paula said sultry, smooth, subtle, sexy – Simon said didn’t like it, appeared too old, lounge or cabaret, you’re better than that.

6. Sanjaya “Bessame Mucho” the Latin standard recorded by Julio Iglesias and others – I know you want to hear about the hair first: it was parted on the side with natural curls – a little facial hair this week – performance kinda sweet – actually not terrible – Randy said smartest contestant, really good – Paula said smooth, nice – Simon said I couldn’t understand a word (duh it was in Spanish), sang like a 14 year old, wasn’t horrible.

7. LaKisha “Conga” her performance of this Gloria Estefan dance hit the biggest disappointment of the night – boring – she is so much better than this – Randy said having fun, made it your own, hot – Paula said a safe choice and performance SHE ACTUALLY DISAGREED WITH RANDY – Simon said he agreed with Paula, not a singer’s song more of a performance song.

8. Haley “Turn the Beat Around” one of my all time favorite disco songs originally recorded by Vicki Sue Robinson most people are familiar with the Gloria Estefan version – lagging behind the music – way too difficult song for her – kind of a mess – can we say T&A – I assume this is her last performance – Randy said karaoke – Paula said not a singer’s song but a fun song – Simon said wear as little clothes as you can, vocals were rushed, not as good a singer as the others.

Stay tuned for the results show Wednesday night on Fox with a performance by Jennifer Lopez.

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of respective holders.

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