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Survivor Fiji Rundown #8

Published April 9, 2007 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of CBS.
Survivor Fiji Survivor Fiji
With the merge traditionally one vote away, the search for the second immunity idol heats up.

At Ravu: Alex, Edgardo and Mookie are digging for the idol while Dreamz and Lisi sleep. Mookie finds the idol. They are excited and will ‘use the idol together’. They decide they will not tell Lisi or Dreamz about the find. They feel Dreamz would tell Cassandra. But the definitely don’t want to tell Lisi either. As Mookie stamps and sweeps the ground back into place, Lisi wakes up. Lisi says snidely, “Oh a little idol digging?” She thinks she caught him with his hand in the cookie jar. The joke is on you Lisi.

Survivor Fiji Rundown: Episode #8

Tree mail arrives at Moto. For the reward challenge the survivors must learn a traditional Fijian dance. They will receive two hours of instructions then have a dance off to win a feast. Yau-Man chooses to sit out because he ‘has no rhythm’. Earl said he was planning to pull out his Michael Jackson moves. And according to Earl, Boo was “doing the white guy thing.”

The dudes from Ravu are hoping for this challenge they will be able to beat the girls and old guy (Yau-Man). But Lisi tells us she doesn’t take challenges seriously. She feels they should not have to participate in challenges – it’s enough to just be there on the island starving. Dreamz in an aside tells us he doesn’t like Lisi and she should be worried about being the weakest. If they lose the next challenge she’s next to go.

As the tribes enter the clearing for the challenge, Jeff informs Moto that Rocky was the last survivor voted off. The Fijian dance experts will be judging on appearance, authenticity and spirit. The experts will determine which tribe wins the feast. The feast consists of chicken, pork and more. The winning tribe will also choose a member of the losing tribe to go to Exile Island. Moto performs first. Earl has a solo and the tribe does well together. The Ravu guys perform ok. Lisi not so much. Dreamz ends with a back flip. The judges rate both tribes equally on appearance and spirit. They feel Ravu was not with the beat. Earl led Moto well and they were more authentic. Moto wins. Lisi is sent to Exile Island. Moto is feasting on huge lobsters, chicken and papaya. Earl says “nights like this bring us together”.

After the loss, Lisi is crying and feels like quitting, but she doesn’t want to let down Alex and Edgardo. She must be so self-absorbed she has no idea what is going on – girl they couldn’t care less if you quit. It gets them one step closer to final four.

At the Moto morning meeting, Earl and Michelle are talking strategy. Earl is worried about Boo. Michelle wants to get rid of Stacy. She thinks the two of them alike, and therefore one is dispensable. She would rather the one to go be Stacy and not her.

Dreamz is telling the guys at Ravu he thinks the merge will be tomorrow and he can’t wait to be with Cassandra. How goofy can one be? If that’s not a way to get voted off I don’t know what is.

Tree mail arrives with an arrow. The immunity challenge consists of three rounds. The first will be blow darts at a target. The closest to the bull’s-eye scores one point. The second round is spears for two points. The final round is bow and arrow for three points. So there is a possibility for a tie. Cassandra will be sitting out for Moto. Boo wins the blow dart round for Moto. Yau-Man makes a javelin style throw of the spear and is closest to the center. Moto wins round two. Yau-Man is assessing the arrows before choosing one and Jeff asks him what he is doing. Yau-Man replies he is looking for the straightest arrow. He shoots from one knee and his arrow is just outside the bull’s-eye. Edgardo is up for Ravu. He pulls us aside to tell us that he has some archery experience and this would be his time to shine. At this point Jeff lets us know in case of a tie, sudden death would be one shooter, one arrow, one winner. Edgardo’s shot misses completely. So much for experience. He looks like a fool. Moto wins immunity. Yau-Man rocks.

Lisi pronounces that the guys are ‘loooosers’. I’m not sure what that makes her. She says she wants to go. Alex is pissed and says he ultimately could have used her vote. She continues by saying, “I’m done like a Thanksgiving turkey, I’m done”. Dreamz is now spouting off how happy he is knowing she is going and he won’t even take his bags to tribal council. Wait, I’m starting to get nervous now. So the guys continue to talk in camp about 39 days being no big deal since they are already at 21. After thinking it over, Lisi takes Edgardo and Alex aside ten minutes before they are to go to tribal council and tells them she wants back in.

At tribal council Jeff notes they have had 4 losses out of 5 and asks what this tribe is missing. Lisi says they are individuals and not a cohesive unit. She also says she has been on such an emotional ride. She’s been rich (the luxury camp), she’s been poor (the crappy camp) and she’s been to Exile Island. Dreamz says since Lisi wants to go home just call him a genie in a bottle – he’ll grant her wish. Jeff asks her if she wants to be here. Her reply is “can’t I catch a break?” Lisi won’t answer. Dreamz says it’s a simple yes or no. He asks the other guys if they want to be here. They all answer yes. He asks Jeff to ask her again “does she want to be here?” Again, she won’t answer. Dreamz says, “Jeff I’m ready to vote.” Lisi is voted off. Lisi – 4 Dreamz – 1 Jeff closes tribal council by saying one truth in this game is you have to want to win to make it to the end, obviously you don’t think Lisi had that. The good news is the four of you say you do.

Will the tribes merge next week? Where will they be living? How will the immunity idols influence the game post-merge? Who will be the one to Outwit-Outplay-Outlast?

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of CBS.

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