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CanMag Update- Star Database

Published April 6, 2007 in Inside CanMag.Com
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of CanMag.Com.
CanMag Developments New Developments and Upgrades
It turns out that we at CanMag just didn't have the time to keep each filmography up to date in our Star Database. After receiving numerous complaints from readers pointing out (multiple) errors on some of the actor pages, we have decided to switch things up a bit.

No, we are not removing our Star Database, but we have limited each filmography to only the films that are being covered on CanMag.

CanMag Update- Star Database

When going through your favorite actor's page, you may notice that his/her filmography has shrunk down a bit. This is because we only list films that are hosted under CanMag. By doing so, new films added to our Movie Database will immediately appear under any actor's page that is listed on that film's cast.

Just so we can call this change an upgrade, each Movie Page now offers links to cast actors and actresses that are listed in CanMag's Star Database.

Get it? Well, neither do I, but it's working!

When you visit any of our Star or Movie Pages you should notice the minor differences. In short, pay attention to addition blue links.

We do like to keep our readers informed, so you will also notice a link at the end of our limited filmography to a full version located at IMDB.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of CanMag.Com.

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