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Survivor Fiji Rundown #7

Published March 30, 2007 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of CBS.
Survivor Fiji Survivor Fiji
The new Ravu tribe is all men. How will they adjust when Lisi joins them from Exile Island?

As this weeks Survivor opens, Lisi is dropped off the boat from Exile Island. In anticipation of her arrival, the guys are saying how much she’ll love the attention of five guys, but who says they’ll be listening to her. Lisi immediately tells them of the spiritual enlightenment she found while exiled. In an aside from Dreamz, “I didn’t like her, she didn’t like me, and she should be worried out of her mind.”

Survivor Fiji Rundown: Episode #7

Earl is doing the math at Moto. There are 3 former Ravu tribe members and 3 former Moto members. Earl devises a plan with Yao-Man to search for the immunity idol. Earl takes the rest of the tribe to retrieve the boat. Yao is supposed to be working on coconuts at camp. Instead he is feverishly digging for the idol. Using both a shovel and pick he finally finds it. The idol is a carved turtle necklace. He gives it a kiss. Yao-Man carefully covers all tracks to where he was digging. He knows there is an idol on the other island. Yao-man is most happy to have made a new friend in Earl and will share the idol with him.

The tribes come into the clearing for the reward challenge. Jeff announces Anthony was voted out at the last tribal council. Is Probst getting better looking or what? He explains for the challenge each tribe has a flame thrower to launch fire balls. The first tribe to hit three targets wins. What is reward? The winning tribe will take a sea plane to an arcade and have hot dogs and beer. They will also choose one member of the losing tribe to send to Exile Island.

1st round Earl – miss, Dreamz – hit; 2nd Michelle – miss, Lisi – miss; 3rd Yau –Man – hit, Edgardo – miss; each tribe tied at one

4th Boo – miss, Mookie – hit; omg Ravu is ahead 2-1 dare I get my hopes up, you know what usually happens

5th Cassandra – miss, Alex – miss; 6th Stacy – miss, Rocky – miss; I expect these burly guys to be better throwers

7th Earl – miss, Dreamz – hit

Yes it finally happens. Ravu wins its first challenge. They choose to send Earl to Exile Island since he has already been many times. They decide they don’t want to risk another tribe member seeing the clues to the location of the immunity idol.

Ravu is stoked. Mookie says “We can now replenish ourselves and the whole Moto tribe is going down. We’re back in this.” Don’t get too cocky dude – you know where that will lead.

They are greeted by Sammy at the Kava Bowl and the feeding frenzy begins. They are stuffing themselves like pigs and it is disgusting. There is a driving tee, bowling and a pool table. They are having a great time. But they have eaten themselves to the point of puking. They are complaining of stomach aches. Rocky is running off at the mouth and making fun of them for being sick. Not a way to get your tribe mates to like you. Edgardo tells us in an aside Rocky just doesn’t fit.

Earl decides to change the name of Exile Island to Earl Island and will be accepting reservations. What a great sense of humor. He draws an Earl Island mural on the beach.

Yau-Man wants to shake things up a little and makes a fake immunity idol out of a coconut shell. He paints a face on it, wraps it up and buries it. To make sure they know it is an immunity idol he writes ii on it. What a sneak – I love it!

Now for the immunity challenge. One person from each tribe will be a caller and the rest will be blindfolded. The caller must verbally lead them into a field where they will use a club to smash a skull overhead. A package of tiles will fall from inside the skull. The tribe member must pick them up and get them to a table, turn around and get back to the rest of the tribe. All this must be done while still blindfolded. After all five are finished, the entire tribe solves the two word phrase. Jeff tells them they can switch callers at any time. Michelle is the caller for Moto, Lisi for Ravu. Alex is the first competitor for Ravu and switches with Lisi after he has completed his turn. Michelle is a great caller. Boo doesn’t know his left from right. There is much running into the fences and table. Michelle even falls off the caller’s perch. The tribes are neck and neck. Yau-Man is the last to go for Moto and can’t hear Michelle, so Boo takes her place. Moto is the first to their puzzle and wins immunity. They have not lost an immunity challenge.

Back at Ravu, the guys are talking about who to vote out. The former Moto guys think maybe Rocky’s bad vibe and attitude have caused Ravu to lose. Lisi enlists Alex and Edgardo to help her search for the immunity idol. Mookie tells Dreamz he promised Rocky he would never vote for him. They discuss the possibility of voting out Lisi.

At tribal council, Jeff asks Lisi about her ‘meltdown’. She responds she thought she was going home. He questions her further about how she felt going back to one of the tribes after her time on Exile Island. She said she knew she would have a friend no matter which of the tribes she would be joining. Then she would rebuild. Jeff queries Rocky about the concern over the vote. Rocky replies we are a new tribe but a tight group. That’s what you think. Dreamz is asked what he thought about Lisi coming to their tribe. He felt it was imperative they win the challenge because he didn’t want someone with a defeatist attitude on their tribe. But she turned out not to be that way at all. Jeff then turns his attention to Mookie. He asks how one decides who to vote off. Mookie replies it is really hard. You want to keep the strong players, but maybe having a girl could be an advantage. As things stand now the ‘physical stuff’ isn’t working out so well for them anyway. Jeff concludes his questioning by asking Rocky if you can trust people. Rocky basically says yeah. Jeff knows something you don’t know. Now for the vote - Lisi 2 - Rocky 4. Rocky is the seventh person voted out and the first member of the jury. After Rocky leaves Jeff sums up by saying “Rocky had no idea what was coming, if it happened to him it can happen to you”.

In Rocky’s post-vote interview he says he is really pissed off – they got me good – and as a jury member he hopes he can make sure none of them get the money.

Will the other immunity idol be found? What role if any will the faux idol play in the game? Will keeping Lisi come back to haunt Ravu? Stay tuned as we loom ever closer to the merge. Who will Outwit – Outplay – Outlast?

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of CBS.

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