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New Line Available for Download

Published March 27, 2007 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Microsoft, Variety.
Xbox Live Xbox Live
Those of you with an Xbox 360 now have an even larger library of films to select from. With the addition of New Line cinema, the studio plans to add a grip of titles from their library and new releases.

Paramount isn't taking the move by New Line lying down, as they will add their own titles to the network in high definition.

New Line Joins, Paramount Upgrades Xbox Live

After creating more bandwidth and fixing early bugs, Microsoft's download service, created only last November, became a major perk of the Xbox Live network. Limited to the 360 console, the Xbox Live Video Marketplace is the only digital moviestore that allows HD downloads - a feature that has helped it to become the number two download service right behind iTunes.

Warner Bros. and Lionsgate have been on board since near the beginning. New Line has only just begun to get in on the digital game by testing the waters with MovieLink, CinemaNow and eventually joining up with Microsoft this week. Now that they are ready to go big with the digital format, the studio has also begun talks with Apple iTunes.

The Xbox Live library will also have added growth this week thanks to A&E, who have added digital downloads of its TV shows, and Warner Bros, who figured direct-to-video downloads could never hurt. With the networks increased attention from Xbox Live users, every studio and TV network will be sure to add their own library titles shortly.

"We have seen a huge amount of video activity since we launched in November," said Albert Penello, director of global platform marketing for Xbox. "There has been an almost four-times increase in downloading activity."

Increased video downloads have put the Xbox 360 console to its limits. With a 20 GB hard drive, only a few high definition titles can fit at a time. Microsoft plans to quickly solve the issue with the Xbox 360 Elite, an upgraded console that will come with 120 GB; worthy enough for hours of hi-def porn, I mean video. The console is expected to cost $479.

As a bonus, the Xbox 360 Elite will come with an HDMI output.

In short, another reason to get an Xbox 360. Well, that and the arrival of Guitar Hero II coming this April.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Microsoft, Variety.

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