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American Idol Finalist Episode 2 Recap

Published March 21, 2007 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of Fox.
American Idol American Idol
I think this season will ultimately be known as “The Ladies and the Blake”. The theme this week was the British Invasion of the 1960’s. Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits helped the guys and LuLu the girls. Most of our contestants stepped it up a notch. Others were deeply disappointing. Once again, let’s start with the best and work our way down.

American Idol S6 (Finalist) Episode 2 Recap

1. Jordin – sang “I Who have Nothing” – you probably know the Tom Jones version – the girl gave me goose bumps – she showed great emotion – hauntingly beautiful - Randy found her to be very controlled in her performance – she is not going to roll over and leave the finals to LaKisha and Melinda without a fight – Jordin’s best performance by far.

2. Melinda – “As Long as He Needs Me” – a ballad from “Oliver” – sweet vocals – she was spot on in pitch and delivery – plus cute hair this week – Randy said they saved the best for last – Simon said impeccable vocals.

3. Blake – gave his rendition of “Time of the Season” by the Kinks – what a performer he is – he modernized the song with just enough beat box not to make it unrecognizable – great dancing - the girls in the audience were screaming like mad – Randy gave it ‘massive yo factor’.

4. Chris Richardson – chose the ballad by Jerry and the Pacemakers, “Don’t Let the Sun Catch you Crying” – the performance was acoustic (guitar only) – it was sweet and quiet – Paula thought it was sexy – Simon felt it was his best performance ever.

5. LaKisha – performed Shirley Bassey’s “Diamonds are Forever” – although she sang the song well – it was just a little too mature for Idol – at some points the music was drowning her out – ditto with Randy saying there was not enough LaKisha in it – Simon said this looked as she would in 50 years.

6. Gina – rocker chick that she is wailed the Rolling Stones’ “Paint it Black” – this was the perfect choice for her – she was really into the song and seemed to enjoy doing it – Randy found her pitchy in parts – Simon didn’t like it at all and found “moments of torture”, choosing “style over content”.

7. Chris Sligh – started his performance of “She’s not There” by The Zombies, by walking through the audience – I found it weird and uncomfortable – it was just ok – Randy thought he was ahead of the music in the beginning, but ended well.

8. I was deeply saddened by Stephanie’s showing this week – I think she is a very talented girl – she sang Dusty Springfield’s “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” – a great song – but she seemed so tentative and nervous – she was off during much of the song – Randy found her to be pitchy – Simon fears she is losing her edge and becoming too ‘nightclubby’.

9. The musical ‘Chorus Line’ has a song about “T… and A..” – Haley opted to ‘go there’ for this weeks performance – she sang “Tell Him” which is a cute, fun song – she was in a halter and short shorts – don’t get me wrong she is a beautiful, sexy girl, but as she was shimmying through the front row the whole thing was so distracting who knows what she was singing – the male audience probably loves her now.

10. Phil – who usually has such a nice voice, sang “Tobacco Road” – first of all I always think the contestants should choose well known songs – this one is one of the more obscure – he seemed uncomfortable – the song was all over the place – the high notes were the highlight – if I were a betting man, I’d say this was his last performance.

11. There was a little girl named Ashley in the audience last night that the cameraman showed crying throughout the show – that is just how I look each week when Sanjaya performs – he sang The Kinks’ “You Really Got Me” and I use the term sang loosely – I would say he screamed it while running all over the stage – but since there are so many crying little girls out there who continue to vote for him, I can’t bear to know how much longer we must endure this insanity – Randy actually thought this was his best performance ever - Randy, dog, I trusted you to tell it like it is - please spare us all another week of this torture.

American Idol results tonight on Fox. Performances on Tuesdays at 8PM on Fox.

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