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Joely Richardson Plays Mom in The Last Mimzy

Published March 20, 2007 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of New Line Cinema.
Being a mom, you get to tell your kids what to do whenever you want. Being an actor, you have to worry about egos and politics. So playing a mom to new child actors can be a delicate balance. In The Last Mimzy, Joely Richardson skated the fine line.

Joely Richardson Talks The Last Mimzy

“I think the one thing I’ve learned is that in the same way there is a golden rule with actors, unless someone asks, you never, ever give advice,” she said. “It’s sort of an unspoken rule, but if people break, it really fans out. And working with children I sort of feel the same way. If they were to say to me, ‘Oh, I’m scared or nervous’ then absolutely I would try to calm them down or hold their hand. I’ve done lots of projects with children and every time it’s different.”

The Last Mimzy introduces Chris O’Neil in his first role and Rhiannon Lynn Wryn in her third. “Rhiannon had a coach, a woman who was there all the time working with her and they were very much in their own bottle. They didn’t want input. Sometimes that’s hard because you feel as an actor in a scene, you could connect more easily and they could connect more easily to you if it was a one-on-one direct relationship. So if I go, ‘How are you?’ she will naturally say, ‘Oh, I’m OK,’ or ‘I’m not OK.’ And it’s lovely to work like that because then there’s that interaction of energy. If I say, ‘How are you?’ and then there’s a beat and someone feeds the line, but you have to respect what works best for the production. And Chris was very different. He was quite a professional. He knew his lines and he was a really hard worker. And he was quite old for his age, but I loved working with them because it’s a delicate, fragile entity working with a child so you were really there for them. It’s not like you and another actor and you can play it out. You’re more a feeder and it’s very exciting to feed and see the results.”

The Last Mimzy The Last Mimzy

Richardson could also get into the spiritual themes of the film. “I haven’t formulated my ideas on it. I think it’s a great topic of discussion and I love the concept of the metaphysical. They say women and children created the sixth sense and we can be very in tune. Sorry, I’m not saying men aren’t but they say women are more emotional and sensitive. That’s what they say. The concept of it intrigues me and I think on a delicate level exists but I think it goes back to the concept of God and it’s very hard-hitting as we know and I have problems marrying all the different ideas in my head and that’s why I love it as a topic of conversation because it’s so endless and none of us have the answers. But there is definitely an energy that I believe in and in the film the concept of time travel that is phenomenal and we’re all fascinated by it. Obviously, I have no experience of that and what I have noticed as you get older is there is a feeling of sometimes when you carry the past with you in the present and loved ones are still with you even when they’ve been gone for a long time. That’s how I personally get my head around time travel that past, present and future are somehow intertwined.”

The Last Mimzy opens to theatres on March 23rd.

For the trailer, synopsis, and more movie info, go to The Last Mimzy Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of New Line Cinema.

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