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Routh's Superman to Join Up with Justice League?

Published March 18, 2007 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Justice League Justice League
Back in February Warner Bros. announced that they'd be moving forward with an adaptation of Justice League to kick off another film franchise. In the report, we admitted that it would be doubtful for Warner Bros. to have to look anywhere else for their Superman or Batman. Though one cannot say what is going on with Batman's involvement in the franchise, the rumor mill has begun to churn out some interesting new tidbits on Brandon Routh's involvement.

Before you ask, yes, if he does get involved he will be Superman.

RouthJustice League's Superman

Clint over at MovieHole just alerted us of some interesting new information on Superman's involvement in the upcoming Justice League adaptation.

Clint first used deductive reasoning to conclude why Bryan Singer has bounced to a thriller and further delayed the Superman Returns sequel.

Cut to a month or so ago, and the trades announce that the studio is in the early stages of developing a “Justice League” movie.

Interestingly enough, a couple of weeks later, those some publications announce that the next “Superman” sequel could be delayed- because director Bryan Singer has gone and got himself involved in another film; a thriller for United Artists.

Interesting hey? Well, the plot thickens, I heard from a pretty reliable source this weekend – who, has some top contacts himself – who essentially confirmed that the WB are thinking of putting the next “Superman” movie into turnaround, and instead will just use the character in the new “Justice League” movie. (Funnily enough, Batman would not be involved in the new film – he’s too big to waste on a film like this, apparently).

'Insiders' began to inform Clint that a Superman Returns sequel was placed on hold to garner more popularity for the character through his involvement in Justice League.

I guess if it is true – and again, this is far from confirmation; and these rumours suggest that the idea is still just that… an idea – it doesn’t necessarily mean that a “Superman” sequel will be abandoned for good. Its probably just a way to get ‘more folks’ into seeing the next Superman movie – because he’ll be surrounded by other superheroes. Then, if that’s a monster hit, they might do a “Superman Returns” sequel.

Whatever the case, I'm sure Brandon Routh will be the one to don the Blue and Reds again.

Check out the entire report at MovieHole.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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