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Kate Mara Hot for Shooter

Published March 12, 2007 in Movie News
By Fred Topel | Images property of respective holders.
Kate Mara Kate Mara
It seems like every action hero needs some girl who can sew him up when he gets cut up or shot but can't go to the hospital because he's been framed. At least Bob Lee Swagger gets a real nurse to do it. In Shooter, he looks up the girlfriend of his deceased wartime companion, played by Kate Mara.

Kate Mara on Shooter

"I don't think it said in the script that he was lying there with just a little towel over him," she remarked. "For some reason that kind of went over my head. It really did. That was the quickest scene we shot, just a quick shot."

And she doesn't do any graphic digging around in the skin for the bullet. "Actually the only other thing we had was just me walking in, but you never see anything. That would have been fun though if I'd got to do that. I mean, I would never be able to be a nurse or anything in real life, so I think that might be kind of cool to pretend to do."

Then Mara gets to be kidnapped so Swagger has another reason to kill the bad guys. He makes the exchange in the notorious glacier scene. As hard as it may have been for Mark Wahlberg, Mara had to work scantily clad (she's kidnapped while undressing of course.)

"They kept making fun of me because I complained that I was going to fall over because I was so cold. And they were like, 'Well, get her fuzzy boots.' But they weren't standing there in a skimpy little tank top and leather jacket. Yeah, that was a hard week, but it was actually really fun. I mean, you don't get the opportunity to shoot a movie on a glacier very often."

Shooter Shooter

Taunting her is the great character actor Elias Koteas. "He's not creepy offscreen. He's a really nice guy. He felt so bad. He had to torture me and pull my hair. I mean he would get clumps of my hair caught on his jacket on the glacier and he was so sweet. During that scene when he's got me kind of tied to the shotgun, I had that tiny little outfit on and during the faraway shots, my shirt kept like rising up and I would be shivering, and he could feel that I was shivering and he was acting and making these scary faces, and like secretly trying to help me. It was the sweetest thing. Like screaming at me, 'I'm going to kill you,' and like pulling my shirt down. That's another great thing about being the only girl on set. Everybody's so nice and trying to make sure you're okay."

Unusually for this type of movie, Swagger doesn't put the moves on his nurse. "We had the scene with Sarah and Swagger when she gives him Donnie's gun. There's a version where they do kiss. There wasn't any crazy love scene or anything like that. There was a version where we did kiss. We talked about it before I ever even got the role. Antoine [Fuqua] and Lorenzo [Di Bonaventura] during our first meeting asked me what I thought about it just as a woman and whatever. I think it's so much more interesting if they don't. Everybody expects them to kiss. Everyone expects the female and the male in a movie to kiss. That's what happens in most films. I think it would be more honest if they didn't, especially with their situation. They clearly have this emotional connection. This attraction, there is one there but I just think it makes them a lot more layered and honest if they don't."

Shooter opens to theatres on March 16th, 2007.

For the trailer, posters, stills and more movie info, go to the Shooter Movie Page.

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