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Seriously Harsh Times

Published March 11, 2007 in DVD News
By Bassam Tarazi | Image property of respective holders.
Harsh Times Harsh Times
Christian Bale is so good in this movie playing the guy you love to hate. I mean, he REALLY gets under your skin. I felt like I cringed every time he was on the screen. I have never wanted to kick a character in the nuts more than this one. Problem is, the story’s dialogue holds about as much weight as a 6 year old Pilipino kid with bone deficiency. The script feels like it was written by an illiterate person and I had to turn on the subtitles at times just to understand what was being said because the sound mixing was a bit sub par.

DVD Review: Harsh Times

Bale plays an ex military soldier (ok let’s just say he is a killer because that is what he did in the military) who is trying to make a living in law enforcement after his service was up. The only problem is, this guy has serious psychological problems and he tends to go a wee bit off the deep end at pretty much every intersections life throws at him.

His best friend (Played by Freddy Rodriguez) is having his own trouble trying to find work. So basically he and Bale drive around getting drunk and engaging in the kind of trouble that drunk, under achieving, psychopathic alpha males get into.

You want to feel for Bale’s character because you get the impression that the military has created this monster of a man but the story never really gets into that too much so you have a hard time feeling too sentimental for this so horribly flawed man.

In the end, the film’s attempt at activating my tear duct is met with a bit of frustration due to the fact that I was more annoyed with how the story unfolded and the utter idiocy of the two alpha male leads. Yes we know you’re men and you’re tough and blah blah blah but watching these guys slam beers, yell, and drive around like imbeciles doesn’t leave too much room for emotion.


Harsh Times comes to DVD on March 13th.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Bassam Tarazi
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