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Survivor Fiji Rundown #5

Published March 10, 2007 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of CBS.
Survivor Fiji Survivor Fiji
How much longer can the total humiliation of Ravu last?

Yao-Man knows the immunity idol is at the threshold of the cave, which happens to be directly under Ravu’s camp. Earl knows Yao-Man knows where the idol is. Earl offers to ‘help’ find it. As a diversion, Earl gets the other tribe members to go off searching for food. Yao-Man stays behind to dig – without success.

Survivor Fiji Rundown: Episode #5

Tree mail arrives. It is a picture catalog of items to choose as reward. The note says pick 2. There is much discussion at Ravu as to what the best items would be. Earl feels they should pick the most helpful and practical choices. After all, he laments, “Moto is Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Ravu is Good Times”. Ravu decides on the boiling pot with a bag of potatoes and fishing gear. Moto opts for toiletries and coffee – what no butler?

As the tribes arrive for the reward challenge, Boo is eating a piece of mango. I’m really sick of the Moto 5. Ravu is starving – this just shows no sportsmanship. When Jeff reveals the items each tribe has chosen (the winning tribe takes all the items), Dreamz blurts out “Yeah fishing gear”. Rocky goes off the deep end and says how sick he is of him. I don’t think he was being mean – I just think Dreamz doesn’t have a filter.

The challenge is a ‘Sumo-style’ competition. A member from each tribe is given a large pad with the goal of knocking their opponent off into the mud. Let’s be real – Ravu hasn’t eaten in two weeks – Moto is living as if they are on a tropical vacation. You decide how this is going to go. Rocky and Dreamz go at each other first. As angry and fired-up as Rocky is, he is easily knocked off the platform. Moto dominates and wins 7-1. The only point Ravu is able to score is Yao-Man against Stacy and he doesn’t feel good about beating a girl. Earl is sent to Exile Island, but will not be immune from the vote.

We see a scenic shot of whales swimming in crystalline blue water.

At Moto, Stacy and Lisi have become so full of themselves and certain of making the final 5; they have decided it is ok to be rude to Dreamz and Cassandra. They won’t talk to them and won’t show them how to use the French press to make coffee. They are tribe mates who have helped win challenges, how can they sit there and let them drink coffee full of grounds. Be careful girls, sometimes payback is a bitch. At least Alex and Edgardo are unhappy with the girls’ behavior. Alex, who understands the strategy of the game, is telling them if they merge at 7-3 Dreamz and Cassandra can flip to vote with Ravu. That would make the voting 5-5 and Moto’s advantage would vanish.

On Exile Island, Earl is reading the fifth clue which reinforces the knowledge of the idol location.

The guys at Ravu are demoralized. They can’t seem to catch a break. And to make matters worse, the continuous girl chatter between Rita and Michelle are grating on their nerves. They don’t want to hear about hair dos and lip gloss.

The immunity challenge is a 30 board ‘memory game’. The flip boards have either words or numbers. There are 4 boards with no match. The tribe members alternate turns and no coaching is allowed from tribe mates during their turn. The tribes are tied at 6-6. Can Ravu finally win one? It comes down to the last pair and Moto wins. They remain undefeated.

Back at camp, Rocky takes the blame for the loss. He feels since he didn’t get the last pair he cost them the challenge. Yao-Man says he just blanked and couldn’t remember where a match was on one of his turns. How can your brain function without food? They are trying to decide who to send home. It will be either Rita or Anthony.

At tribal council, Jeff asks how things are going. Rita reports that she tries to tell entertaining stories to boost moral. Guys roll their eyes. Earl states the votes now are about chemistry since people know one another. Jeff asks Yao-Man, “Can you trust anyone?” Yao-Man replies he is trying to play by his credo, “love many, trust few, do harm to none”. Rita receives the most votes and blows a kiss to her tribe. At the conclusion of tribal council, Jeff tells Ravu, after seeing their performance in the last challenge,” The good news is - you still have the will to win.” The final vote tally Rita 5 – Anthony 2.

We take a March Madness break until Wednesday March 21, when we will see if Ravu can turn things around. Alright, we know from the upcoming scenes they will realign the tribes. Jeff utters those magic words “drop your buffs”. Then we will see how things will be going for Stacy and Lisi. Karma ladies? Whose stock will go up? Who will be able to make nice with once rival tribe members? Who will be able to Outwit – Outplay – Outlast?

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of CBS.

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