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Teri Polo on The Wedding Bells

Published March 9, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of Fox.
Teri Polo Teri Polo
Here we go, Teri Polo in another wedding story. It's like Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers were just an audition because now she's starring in The Wedding Bells. She'll be dealing with feuding families and difficult couples every week as a wedding coordinator. There are no coincidences in Hollywood and Polo understands why she keeps getting cast in these "life event" stories.

Teri Polo on The Wedding Bells

"Life is a roller coaster whether you are a celebrity or a normal person or what have you," she said. "Normalcy is the abnormalcy. I think it's all relatable because these strange things do happen. They're not so strange. What's the saying, that the only consistency is inconsistency, that abnormal is normal? These situations, everybody gets married. Well, not everybody gets married. Some people shouldn't get married, but anyway, people get married. It's an everyday occurrence. People have to meet in-laws and et cetera. When films and television shows are made about an everyday occurrence that everybody has experienced or can experience, that's relatable."

Funny parents on The Wedding Bells include Delta Burke as a Christian who wants "Jesus" mentioned in a non-denominational ceremony. "I think that all the characters involved tend to be funny. When you're dealing with Robert DeNiro or Delta Burke, they tend to be pretty darn funny actually."

On the show, the three Bell sisters run their wedding business, each with their own distinct personality. "I'm the older sister. I had kind of a fight with Jon Amiel, our director, about towards the end of our rehearsal process before we started. I, as an aging actress and with an ego the size of Texas, was feeling kind of depressed and kind of having a hard time with being cast as the older sister. Because Hollywood knows I've been around for a really long time and I can't lie that I'm 23 anymore. I was kind of having a hard time with the feeling that I was the older sister, I was the conservative sister, I was the go-to sister. I thought, God, what a boring character."

That would be no way to go to work every week, so Polo found a way to embrace her character's, ahem, wisdom. "Now I'm madly in love with my character. Now that we've started the process of filming and trusting Jon as the director and trusting the writing, that it has so many different levels. I have discovered a lot of different levels and emotions and places. And Jane, I'm madly in love with her , that she could go from being a married woman to Russell, and handling him and being patronizing to him to acting like a teenager because Sammy is sleeping with somebody and 'Who is it?' and 'Did you tell Ernesto that we have scheduled sex?' because we have scheduled sex. So my character is the older, more conservative. But I think that pretty soon Jane is going to come out with a couple of piercings and tattoos."

The Wedding Bells airs Wednesdays on FOX.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Fox.

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