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Rob Corddry is The Winner

Published March 5, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of Fox.
The Winner The Winner
The Daily Show's Rob Corddry gets his own sitcom with The Winner. He plays Glen Abbott, a now successful guy recalling how he overcame being a 32-year-old virgin living with his parents. The show begins at his low point, back in 1994. You know, another Daily Show veteran had some success as a middle aged virgin. What gives?

Rob Corddry On The Winner

"It's a good question," joked Corddry. "I think we've been typecast. Well, we're generally kind of nerdy to begin with. I lose my virginity pretty soon in the show, so we get that out of the way. At 32, so I'm eight years ahead of him."

Married in real life, Mrs. Corddry didn't mind seeing her husband in that light. "She said, 'When are we moving to LA. I want to move to LA.'"

A traditional sitcom played before a studio audience, Corddry has already noticed major differences between The Winner and The Daily Show crowds. "They're a little bit more programmed, the sitcom audience. We actually had to tell them, 'Don't ooh where you think you have to ooh, and don't clap and boo where you think you have to boo.' Audiences have become almost as programmed as a laugh track so we really wanted real responses for them and it took a while for us to learn how to sort of retrain them to just laugh. Then we only did like two takes. We really kept it down to two takes so people would just really laugh."

Fans of Corddry's fake newsman may be surprised to find out that that is every bit of an acting job as The Winner. In fact, Corddry feels closer to his sitcom character. "My character and I, we share the same hairline for sure, same waistline, about the same height. I'm sweet. I'm very sweet. This character's not a monster like the Daily Show character. One is an idiot that's full of confidence and one is a really smart guy that's never known a second of confidence."

Aside from character differences, there's also a huge difference between fake news and studio acting. The only constant is playing to the cameras. "I'm four years more comfortable in front of the camera than I was before I started The Daily Show."

Though he left the Jon Stewart stable for movie cameos and now this show, Corddry still keeps in touch. "I'm writing a movie with him as the producer right now so I just spoke to him a couple weeks ago. He hasn't seen it yet. Ben Karlin, the former executive producer of The Daily Show saw it and liked it, which I take as a compliment because I think he just said in New York magazine that he hates sitcoms. So I guess that's the ultimate compliment."

After bouncing around so much, Corddry hopes The Winner will become his steady gig. "I would much rather do this than anything else. It's such a great show and I'm really happy in the role and I'm comfortable in the role. I want to do this just for like 20 years, and then I'm getting out."

The Winner premieres March 4th on Fox.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Fox.

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