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Survivor Fiji Rundown #4

Published March 3, 2007 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of CBS.
Survivor Fiji Survivor Fiji

Comfort or immunity, which will prove to be more important to our survivors?

Survivor Fiji Rundown: Episode #4

When Ravu returns from Tribal Council, Earl feels they should talk about ‘issues’. Rocky immediately begins going off on Anthony. He accuses him of whining and basically being a girl. Anthony admits he has never had much self-esteem, but is determined he will not give up. He says they will have to push him off the island.

At Moto, Lisi, Boo, Stacy, Alex and Edgardo have formed a bond. They are all getting along well. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf is still having trouble breathing and reports his head is spinning so much he feels like throwing up. His legs are covered in bites. He quips being in Vietnam was much better than this. May I ask why the producers continue to pick contestants that are a huge physical liability to their tribe?

The tribes arrive at the beach for the reward challenge. Each tribe is to line up side by side on a balance beam. They will walk around or over their tribe mates and onto a finish platform. This must be done without touching more than one tribe member at a time. If you fall off into the water they are required to start over. The reward will be fish, rice, spices, pillows, blankets and a king size bed back at camp. The winning tribe will also send a member of the losing tribe to Exile Island, but this person will not be immune from tribal council. Moto is sitting out Papa Smurf – what a surprise and Cassandra. Michelle is the first to get across and Yau-Man is not far behind. Ravu seems to have this one all dialed in. Moto is really having trouble for a change. But as in challenges past, Ravu begins to falter. Anthony is not doing well. Moto ties it up and takes the lead. What a shock - Moto wins the challenge. They send Yau-Man to Exile Island.

Back at Moto, Alex chides, “We kicked the crap out of Ravu once again”. The tribe is enjoying the food and is closer than ever.

Rocky is furious. Ravu is in deep doo doo. Rocky is wailing, “We might as well call Jeff and say let’s have tribal council now”. Anthony tells Earl he knows he’s the target. Rocky is making such a spectacle of himself,
Anthony thinks if he can just lay low, maybe the tribe will choose to get rid of Rocky.

On Exile Island, Yau-Man reads all four clues. He now knows exactly where the immunity idol is, but is wondering how to dig for it in secret. (See episode 3 for idol location.)

Liliana is ‘working’ the guys at Moto. She is giving them messages on the new king size bed. The other girls are not liking this. They do not want her to get in with the guys and ruin their plans.

The medical team arrives at Moto to check on Papa Smurf. His vital signs are fine. They tell him there really isn’t anything else they can do for him. He chooses to be evacuated from camp thus leaving the game. Is this the only way for Moto to lose tribe members?

Tree mail arrives with news of the immunity challenge. Rocky walks over to Michelle naked. She will not look at him. Why would he be walking around camp that way with Earl and Anthony there? You know where I’m going with this. Rocky decides to mix things up a little and puts on one of the girls’ bra tops complete with coconut shell boobs. As they arrive for the challenge Jeff compliments Rocky on his look. Yao-Man returns for the challenge.

Four of the tribe members are locked in floating cages. When their cage is opened they must walk across ‘lily pads’ to the next cage and open it. After all four are released, the last person paddles back in a boat and picks them up. When they return to shore they form a pyramid. One person climbs up the pyramid and unlocks the final cage holding the last tribe member. The winning team will have a note in a bottle to read. (Remember the double elimination from Survivor 13?) Moto is in the lead from the beginning, but Stacy is having trouble opening the last cage. Ravu sticks with it and is catching up. In the closest challenge yet, Moto wins. The note in the bottle gives the tribe the choice between comfort and immunity. If they choose to remain in the comfy camp they must go to tribal council and vote out their first member. Since Papa Smurf left earlier, this would make the tribes even at 7. Moto decides unanimously to
go to tribal council. Are you nuts?

Dreamz wants everyone to be on the up and up and decide out in the open who they are going to send home. He doesn’t want them to become snakes. He shares the only two people they could afford to lose are Lisi or Cassandra. He is right - they are the two weakest players on the tribe. But if he isn’t careful he may as well paint a target in his back. The ‘team of five’; Stacy, Alex, Edgardo, Lisi and Boo huddle to discuss their strategy. The guys want to vote out Cassandra and the girls want to eliminate Liliana. They don’t want her to be able to flirt her way into their alliance.

At tribal council, Dreamz laments how much he misses Papa Smurf and how he feels invisible to the rest of the tribe. Jeff asks what would be best for the tribe moving forward. In a bit of reverse psychology Cassandra says how strong Liliana is and how far she will get in the game. Liliana receives 4 votes, Cassandra 1 and Lisi 1. When Jeff snuffs out her torch Liliana says, “Wow I’m so shocked. If they didn’t get me out now I was going to beat them”. Right.

Will Moto remain one big happy family after their first trip to tribal council? Will Yao-man have enough alone time to dig for the idol? Will Rocky become so volatile he is too much of a liability to keep around? Now with 14 survivors left who will Outwit-Outplay-Outlast?

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of CBS.

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