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Survivor Fiji Rundown #3

Published February 25, 2007 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of CBS.
Survivor Fiji Survivor Fiji

Can Ravu snap out of their losing streak or will Erica’s ouster come back to haunt them?

Survivor Fiji Rundown: Episode #3

Moto is living large just hanging out at camp painting the floor of their shelter. They are talking, lounging and having a great time. This makes for great tribe unity.

At Ravu the situation has become desperate. The tribe is sleeping (practically comatose) and out of it. They are starving and have had no water. Earl returns from Exile Island and knows to look for the immunity idol under something high. Finally, using Anthony’s glasses, Michelle is able to make fire with sunlight. She hands the small spark off to Anthony and the spark is carefully managed into a full fledged fire. Go Michelle!

As the tribes report for the reward challenge, Moto sees Erica was voted out at tribal council. When Ravu tells Jeff they were able to start a fire he tosses them a flint. Jeff says they have done what very few tribes have been able to do. The reward will be a choice of: fishing gear, luxury items or fresh fruit. The winning tribe will also send one of the losing tribe members to Exile Island but with no immunity from tribal council.

The challenge is a long slippery course (think giant slip and slide) with numbered balls hanging above. As Jeff calls out a number a member of each tribe must make their way down the course, get the corresponding numbered ball and toss it into a basket.

In the first pairing Papa Smurf (Gary from Moto) gets his ball into the basket first, but took a big fall along the way. Rita from Ravu ties the score at one each. Next Boo (Moto) slides most of the length of the course on his belly and scores the next point. We can see how this is going to turn out can’t we? Sylvia is a huge disappointment in her attempt – where’s Erica when you need her? Moto goes on to win the challenge 6-2. They are still undefeated in challenges. Moto chooses the fishing gear as reward. They already have fishing gear so I’m not sure if they want more or are just rubbing it in to Ravu. Sylvia is sent to Exile Island.

At Exile Island, Sylvia is mad at herself for performing so poorly in the challenge. I think she sees the writing on the wall. According to clue #3 the immunity idol is at the cave’s threshold under the tallest part of the arch.

Back at Moto, Papa Smurf is complaining he “can’t get a deep breath”. He thinks he may have broken a rib when he fell in the challenge. The Survivor medics come to check him out. They give him some analgesics and tell him to rest and see how he is in the morning.

Tree mail arrives to describe the immunity challenge. It will be a food eating competition. They will be eating food the Fijians eat. I’m grossed out already. Now Ravu is starving this should be a piece of cake right? They will be wishing for a piece of cake. The survivors are to eat everything on their plate and show Jeff an empty mouth. The first item is raw clams – easy -Rocky wins for Ravu. Next up is octopus tentacle. This is not calamari, think eating a huge pencil eraser. Dreamz wins for Moto.

Then here come the peanut worms, they are about 7 inches long and filled with goo – ugh. Mookie wins it for Ravu. Just maybe, Ravu has a shot to win this challenge. The tribe is feeling it and getting excited. So Boo (Moto), whines like a girl that they are taunting. Rocky shoots back “you lose two tribe members and see how you feel”. The next two rounds of sea cucumber and fish eyes are won by Moto. It is do our die for Ravu. They must win this round or go to tribal council – again. Papa Smurf and Anthony are shown a plate of three pig snouts – skin, hair and all. Papa Smurf finishes all three before Anthony can get down the first one. Moto’s winning streak continues. The Ravu tribe reports it is so hard to swallow (figuratively and literally) because they have been so dehydrated there is no water in their mouths. They are spitless!

Sylvia apologizes to the tribe about her performance in the reward challenge. She knows her minutes are numbered. Rocky is campaigning to vote for Sylvia, but if she has the idol it should be Anthony. Earl and Mookie feel Anthony should be the one to go. How soon they forget about his role in getting fire. Sylvia is so desperate she is digging for the idol in broad daylight with tribe mates in sight.

At tribal council Jeff inquires about the state of the tribe. Tired – hungry – bad. Jeff asks about Anthony’s efforts in the immunity challenge. Anthony said he just had no saliva so swallowing was difficult. Jeff probes the tribe further, asking if people are trustworthy. At this point Mookie calls out Anthony on his will to win. It is now time to play the immunity idol. Did Sylvia find it in time? Nope. Sylvia receives 4 votes (Anthony 3 & Earl 1) and is the third survivor voted off Fiji.

Will Ravu be able to get back into the game? Will the tribe members have an idea from where Sylvia was digging as to the location of the idol? Will Papa Smurf recover or will he be leaving the game? Who will ultimately Outwit – Outplay – Outlast and be our sole survivor?

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of CBS.

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