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Survivor Fiji Rundown #2

Published February 18, 2007 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of CBS.
Survivor Fiji Survivor Fiji
As we open this weeks Survivor, Ravu is experiencing dehydration desperation and are licking rain water off leaves.

Survivor Fiji Rundown: Episode #2

Moto is living in fat city. As Lisi put it, the win was “so vicious it’s delicious”. They are showering, sleeping on pillows and in hammocks. They have plenty of rice and fruit to eat. They ‘lament’ this could be the first survivor where people actually gain weight. Let’s not get too cocky folks, just one loss and you’ll find yourself at the crappy camp.

Back at Ravu, they are working like maniacs trying to start a fire. They so need to be able to boil water. Yau-man is opening coconuts and emptying the coconut water into the canteen.

At Moto, Boo somehow poked himself in the eye. He then proceeds to cut his finger and leg with the axe. After his tribe mates finish administering first aid, Boo is relaxing in the hammock – it fell. Perhaps Boo-boo is a more fitting name.

Sylvia arrives at Ravu. Yau-Man immediately hugs her and tries to look in her bag to see if she found the immunity idol. Sneaky little man. Everyone finds her to be too bossy. Maybe some leadership would help since things aren’t going well so far.

At Camp Moto Dreamz is sharing in an aside how being on Survivor is way easier than being homeless. His family ate from dumpsters and he is hoping to win Survivor to help them out.

Earl, Rocky and Erica decide to go out searching for food for the starving Ravu tribe. They trek to the top of the hill and all they have found are some unripe mangos. They are tired, thirsty and hungry and feeling pretty dismal. Later, not far from camp, Erica happens upon a patch of pineapples. The tribe is ecstatic. Earl vows to marry Erica – interesting.

Tree mail arrives for the reward/immunity challenge. Ravu wants to win payback and get themselves into the luxury camp they helped build. Moto is gearing up with war paint.

Now for the challenge. The survivors are to paddle out around a flag then attach four crates to their boats to pull to shore. The crates contain six pole pieces and a flag to assemble into a flag pole. The first to assemble their flag pole and raise it wins the challenge. The reward will be fishing gear. If Ravu wins they will receive the fishing gear plus flint. The winning tribe will also send a member of the losing tribe to Exile Island. This is not necessarily a bad thing as you are immune from the vote and get the immunity idol clues.

Ravu is leading and has the hooking of the crates down to a science. Moto just keeps plugging along. Ravu is the first to get their crates back to shore and begins assembling. This puzzle stuff does not seem to be their strong suit. Erica tries to take the lead and starts yelling that they aren’t doing it right. I look at this as being competitive and desperate to get some food and water. The rest of Ravu does not share my feeling. Moto comes from behind and wins the challenge. They send Earl to Exile Island. Jeff says “watch out for the sea snakes”. Earl shouts back “I’ll eat them”.

Earl decides Exile Island is an upgrade from Ravu’s current living situation.
He reads the immunity idol clue #1 which tells him the idol is back at camp and doesn’t seem too worried about Sylvia’s prior knowledge of this. He is sure she will no longer be there when he returns. Don’t count your chickens… The second clue reveals the idol is centered somehow. We do see Earl whacking a sea snake with his machete.

Back at Ravu, all the talk is about who to vote off. They feel the puzzles are kicking their asses – duh! Since Erica freaked out and started yelling at the challenge they should vote her out. Rocky and Mookie are trying to justify exactly why they should vote her out. Mookie says by her panicking she messed up the tribe’s performance. I do not want to be in an alliance with Rocky – first Jessica, now Erica. The strategy here is so dumb. Erica is a physically strong competitor. They don’t like Sylvia and I’m not sure how much physical strength she or Yao-Man will contribute. This early in the game you have to KEEP the strong players. The idea is to get rid of them later in the game after a merge. Sometimes I wonder if these people have watched the show. Michelle and Anthony have decided to vote off Sylvia and they are trying to get others to do the same.

At Tribal Council Ravu is talking about the deep hole they are in. With no water and no food how will they have enough strength to win a challenge? Jeff asks Erica about her screaming during the challenge and does she think that will hurt her. Sylvia says she felt like an outsider when she joined the tribe. When Jeff inquires if there is a tribe leader they all point to Sylvia. She states she would like to ‘elect’ a leader when they get back to camp. Kiss of death right? No, the fools vote out Erica. If they lose the next physical challenge they can only blame themselves. Jeff wraps up by saying this tribe needs to find a way to win and sends them back to camp without fire.

(Note – the immunity idol will only be good through the final five and not the final four like Survivor 13.)

Will Sylvia find the immunity idol? Will Ravu figure out how to make fire so they can get hydrated? Will Moto continue to dominate and pick off Ravu one by one? Who will emerge as the strongest. Who will Outwit – Outplay – Outlast?

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of CBS.

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