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Welcome to Survivor Fiji

Published February 11, 2007 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of CBS.
Survivor 13- Episode 13 Jessica says bye to Survivor Fiji
You would think by Season 14 Survivor would become stale and uninteresting, but this could not be farther from the truth. Look out reality lovers - here comes Survivor Fiji.

Survivor Fiji Rundown #1

The show is so daunting just before the boat left one of the contestants wimped out. Jeff begins with voiceover background info about Fiji (cannibals, etc.) as we see the spectacular scenery. He also tells us this time not only will there be Exile Island, but 2 immunity idols will be in play. And then we hear that familiar phrase that gives us chills, “39 days, 19 people, 1 survivor”. Game on!

The survivors are dropped off ‘en masse’ on the island and immediately begin exploring. They find water and a cave for shelter. We then see Jeff fly over and parachute a box into the water. Several players paddle out to pick up the crate. After many of the stronger guys are unsuccessful in opening it, Yau-Man, a 54 year old computer engineer, opens the crate. He tells us in an aside it is a matter of physics. He dropped it on the corner which is the weakest point. This is an amazingly interesting group of survivors; from the ethnic mix, to the number of immigrants and academic pedigrees. (You can learn more about the contestants on

Inside the crate is flint to make fire, a map to locate hidden supplies to build a shelter and site plan. Once they locate all of the materials Sylvia, a 54 year old architect, takes the lead. She is instrumental in implementing the plan. Be careful Sylvia, you know what happens to people who try to be leaders in the beginning. Even though much progress was made the first day, they did not get the roof and floor completed. In the rainstorm the first night the lack of these was not a good thing. Needless to say the goal for the next day was completing the shelter. Dreamz, a 25 year old cheerleading coach, started getting loud and acting out when everyone else was trying to sleep. He got into a shouting match with Rocky, a 28 year old bartender, over his behavior. Another rule of survivor – don’t call attention to yourself as someone who is difficult or a hothead.

On day three the survivors come to a clearing for the first immunity challenge. Jeff asks the group if anyone has displayed a leadership role so far in the game. They all agree Sylvia has because the rapid success of the camp construction was credited to her expertise. Jeff then brings Sylvia up to stand by him and instructs her she will be going to Exile Island. She will get the first crack at a clue to find the immunity idol. But she will also become a member of the losing tribe after tribal council. (We have an odd number of survivors to start remember.) Losing tribe? What tribes you ask – Sylvia will also be dividing the contestants into two tribes – Moto and Ravu. Solomon could not have done a better job. These tribes are quite evenly matched and she even went so far as to separate Rocky and Dreamz. Very well thought out.

She divided the tribes as follows:

Moto -
Stacy - a 27 year old internet producer from Boulder, CO
Alex – a 28 year old attorney from Los Angeles
Boo – a 34 year old construction worker from Lafayette, LA
Cassandra – a 42 year old civil engineering manager from Los Angeles
Dreamz (Dre) – a 25 year old cheerleading coach from Wilmington, NC
Edgardo – a 28 year old advertising executive from Miami, FL
Gary – a 55 year old school bus driver from Ramsey, MN
Liliana – a 25 year old loan officer from Oxnard, CA
Lisi – a 36 year old customer service representative from Los Angeles

Earl – a 35 year old ad executive from Santa Monica, CA
Mookie – a 25 year old program manager from Chicago, IL
Anthony – a 32 year old expert witness locator from Compton, CA
Erica – a 27 year old non-profit fundraiser from Lake Charles, LA
Rocky (James) – a 28 bartender from Los Angeles originally Boston
Jessica – a 27 year old fashion stylist from Los Angeles
Michelle – a 23 year old student from Cincinnati, OH
Rita – a 38 year old single mom from San Antonio, TX
Yau-Man – a 54 year old computer engineer from Martinez, CA

And our member at large Sylvia – a 52 year old architect from Ross, CA

As Sylvia is sent off to Exile Island the challenge begins. It will be a chariot race. Three of the tribe members will be pulling two members on a “chariot”. These two members must untie three bags hanging overhead that contain puzzle pieces. After they retrieve all three flags they grab their flag and make the turn to go back. There four of the tribe members try to assemble the puzzle. The words in the puzzle are the numbers that are used as a combination to find a knife to cut the rope and raise the tribal flag.

Moto is in the early lead. Ravu is working hard to catch up. Moto is the first to get their bags and flag to head back. One of the tribe members falls. Ravu is now in the lead. The Ravu members are having difficulty solving the puzzle. Moto wins. Reward is going back to the original camp site with all the amenities plus a couch, dishes, silverware, hammocks and a camping shower. The losing tribe goes to a new camp site with 1 pot and 1 machete – that is all. If that’s not motivation for winning future challenges I don’t know what is.

Meanwhile, on Exile Island, Sylvia encounters many snakes. She does find the clue that tells her the immunity idol is back at camp. Now how does one look for the idol at camp without being noticed?

Back at Ravu there is much campaigning as to who should be voted off. It comes down to either Rita or Jessica. The tribe feels it should not be a guy as it should be someone who Sylvia can replace. Many tribe members feel Jessica is responsible for not solving the puzzle quickly. Rocky, Erica, Jessica and Earl have formed an alliance. Each vows to not write down the other’s name. But by Rocky, Erica and Earl voting for other tribe members and not Rita; Jessica is the first tribe member to be voted off. This was certainly one of the shortest alliances in Survivor history. I’m also sure the guys are not to happy about losing the hottest chick in the first vote.

Will the Ravu tribe win immunity so Sylvia can search for the idol at camp? The tribes are so evenly matched - will one emerge as the more dominant? Will Rocky be able to control his temper? Stay tuned next week as our survivors continue on the quest to Outwit - Outplay – Outlast.

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of CBS.

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