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First New LOST Back Gets Praise

Published February 5, 2007 in Television
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of ABC.
LOST Season Three Poster LOST Season Three
Though ABC's odds of having a season of LOST on par with Season 1 is about as likely as M. Night Shyamalan having another film that ranks up to Sixth Sense, it doesn't mean that the show still can't be great.

Take for instance the return of the third season of LOST this month with episode 7. Entertainment Weekly gave the episode an "A" and now AICN is backing that up.

Lost Comes Back Rested and Strong

No repeats, no breaks, nothing. ABC has a lot to deliver with LOST and let me say thank the Lord that they have decided to avoid last season's policy of throwing in a damn repeat every other episode. Uninterrupted, LOST is looking to come back strong with episode 3.7. Here is a brief rundown posted by the good people at AICN.

This is the best episode of “Lost” since its third-season premiere.

What’s doing with Hurley?
As with 3.1, the only original cast members who appear in 3.7 are Jack, Kate and Sawyer. That means no Hurley, no Locke, no Sayid, no Jin, no Sun, no Claire, no Charlie. Also? No Desmond, no Penelope Widmore, no Charles Widmore, no Danielle Roussou, no Rose, no Bernard, no Nikki, no Paulo.

What’s good?
The many surprises. All the screen time allotted Elizabeth Mitchell’s kisser. Jack and Sawyer taking care of business.

Interesting. ABC promised that the new episodes would take us away from the threesome hanging with the Others and bring us back to some of the other Flight 815 survivors. Since the last LOST episode before the break finished with Jack shouting, "Kate Run," ABC felt some story needed closing out... or maybe a couple more plot lines - give or take.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of ABC.

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