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Season Finale Details for Heroes

Published January 30, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of NBC.
Heroes Heroes
There’s no better way to get vague scoops on a TV show than to interrogate the creator and producer. Tim Kring is still new enough to reveal a few juicy details about the season finale of Heroes.

Tim Kring Reveals Finale Details for Heroes

“We will wrap up the story of the prophecy of this apocalyptic event,” said Kring. “I don’t think it’s any shock, we will somehow save the world.”

Don’t rest too easy. He’ll still leave you hanging for season two. “It’s not necessarily a cliffhanger in terms of what has been set up so far storywise. It’s more a cliffhanger as to the welfare and well being of several of our characters.”

It will be a major visual effects bonanza though. “I think there’ll be a little bit more in the season finale than in a normal episode, although we’ve got a couple of doozies coming up that feel like anybody else’s season finale. 17 and 20 are both huge episodes.”

Kring guarantees that at least one major character will die, but it sounds like supervillain Sylar is safe. “I love Zach Quinto and I love what he’s doing for the show and the truth is, I would like to continue him into the second season.”

Along the way, expect to see more of Isaac’s paintings come to life, but that doesn’t mean the Heroes can’t change the future. “Well, we are locked into the idea that the future, as storytellers, we are locked into the idea that the future can be changed given the right circumstances. It’s how those circumstances line up. And clearly the ‘save the cheerleader save the world’ is going to have something to do, ultimately when you look back at the end of the season, with ‘Oh, I get it, it all made sense.’ So it’s been really fun to tell the story in that way so that these payoffs, several episodes later hit people with a real ‘Ah, I get it. That’s why we have to save the cheerleader.’”

With the ability to regenerate from any injury, the cheerleader hardly seems to need saving. “We indicated that in episode three when she had the branch stuck in the back of her head. It was pulled out, so clearly something in the brain is vulnerable to this. Given the right circumstance, there could be a permanence to that idea.”

What won’t be permanent are any notions of goodness in Nathan Petrelli. “I can say that he will continue to be what we call morally liquid as many politicians are. But he continues for me, and in story, to be every time he is redeemed, something comes along to let you think he is self serving. But we have a couple of real doozies in that way in the next several episodes.”

Heroes airs Mondays at 9 on NBC.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of NBC.

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