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Abraham Benrubi Hangs With Men in Trees

Published January 30, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of ABC.
Abraham Benrubi Abraham Benrubi in Men in Trees
If you're a Kubiak fan like me, it's great to see Abraham Benrubi finally get the girl on Men in Trees. And not just one girl, he's got hot ex-wife Theresa and town escort Sara. With Benrubi a few shows ahead of what's on air, he filled us in on Ben Jackson's exploits.

Interview: Abraham Benrubi Talks Men in Trees

"We're only three episodes ahead at the moment and as of right now, he is reunited with his wife Theresa," he said. "But Sara has just come back to town and she'll be stirring up some trouble."

Benrubi has ideas for Ben's well being, but it's out of his hands. "I think because he wound up marrying Theresa that that's probably the better way to go, but I have a feeling that Jenny Bicks, our creator is going to throw a wrench in the gears and get him in trouble."

So far, Theresa hasn't shown her husband much appreciation. Maybe Sara is the one for Ben. "That's true. That's absolutely true but I think Ben's sort of a romantic at heart and he wouldn't have married Theresa if he didn't really have strong feelings for her."

Still a dispenser of romantic advice, the show has yet to reveal whether Ben is the expert he sounds like. "I think he believes he knows something about what he's talking about. Ben is just trying to keep it all as calm as possible and maintaining two women and floating back and forth is kind of crazy."

Kubiak and Jerry the orderly were tangential characters in Parker Lewis and ER, but Men in Trees gives Benrubi a central role. "It's been good, man. It feels really good to be a big part of the show, to have people listen to your ideas and be able to contribute and collaborate with the directors and producers and really be a part of the world of the show. Not that I wasn't on ER but to a much smaller degree. It's been super fun and everybody on there is great. We really laugh and just have a good time. Lucky."

Men in Trees airs Thursday nights on ABC.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of ABC.

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