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Barton Indies Don't Fade Away

Published January 16, 2007 in Casting Update
By Bassam Tarazi | Image property of Fox.
Mischa Barton Mischa Barton
Hoping to do exactly with her career what the title of her new movie states, Mischa Barton will star in the indie coming-of-age drama, Don’t Fade Away. You know your careers hasn’t hit it big yet when you’re starring in movies with rappers. That’s always the telltale sign that you just haven’t made it yet. I’m not talking about rappers like, Will Smith. I’m talking about guys like…say…Ja Rule. Because he’s in this movie.

Mischa Barton for Don't Fade Away

Starring along side them will be Beau Bridges (seriously, Beau?) and Ryan Kwanten. The story is about a New York couple thrown into having to care for one of their father’s illness.

Origin Entertainment Group which is producing the film is a private equity company that takes films that have strong female parts and also fit under the $10 million budget. So in other words, not Transformers.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Bassam Tarazi
Sources: Image property of Fox.

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