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24 Season Six Seen!

Published January 7, 2007 in Television
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Fox.
24- Season 5 24
Getting antsy for the sixth season of 24, or are you still trying to get through the old seasons on DVD? Either way, the next installment in the life of CTU agent Jack Bauer will begin torturing us from week to week every Monday starting next week. Want to know what we can expect? Well, since every season has been better than the one before it (and more farfetched), the first report on Season 6 of 24 should read something like this.

24 6.1 Seen

Hercules over at AICN has recently watched episode 6.1 of 24 and not only sheds light on the episode, but some love as well.

So we’re left to wonder, how long till we see Jack Bauer again?

David Palmer’s kid brother, Wayne, has been president of the United States for 13 weeks. For 11 of those 13, America has been under siege. Nine hundred Americans murdered by terrorists in 10 cities.

Karen Hayes, who worked for Homeland Security out of CTU last season, is now national security advisor. Peter MacNichol, doing what sounds at first like a Dr. Phil accent, is a presidential advisor building “detention facilities” Hayes categorizes as “concentration camps.” The MacNichol character, Tom, even goes on to defend America’s Japanese internment camps of World War II.

The first hour, loaded with gratifying twists and revelations, suggests the crazy pace of the series will not be compromised by its many changes.

Since the first episode of Season 5 had two deaths in the first ten minutes, Hercules had to go into hidden font when describing episode 6.1 any further. Feel free to have details blown on the first of four 24 premiere episodes over at AICN.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Fox.

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