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Tom Selleck on Blue Bloods

Published October 4, 2010 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of CBS
Blue Bloods Blue Bloods

Tom Selleck is coming back to television for the new cop show Blue Bloods. This is more than just solving cases. Selleck plays a police commissioner with two street cop sons and a prosecutor daughter. Each case impacts all their lives in different and complex ways, bringing out their differing politics too.

Tom Selleck One of the Blue Bloods

“Conflicts are interesting, for me,” Selleck said. “You can't be more conflicted than the police commissioner who's got a prosecuting attorney for a daughter and two sons who are cops on the street. And I think from the command standpoint, that's going to be a big help to me in terms of the conflicts and the pressures of command and the awareness of the perception that either he's being too hard on them because he's close to them or they're getting special treatment. I think that's going to be useful.”

You’ll still see Selleck dressed up in his blues. He’s not one of those desk suits. “He is the commissioner. He came up through ranks and was a beat cop and ceremonially, I think, as a matter of leadership and all, he prefers to wear his chief's uniform. I think it's very important for this character, who I'm still finding out a lot about, obviously that's very important for him, to wear the uniform. The commissioner doesn't always do that. This one does. He evolved into the commissioner. What I'm really trying to show, because that's all history, is where he came from, and he's as blue collar as the rest of the family. He's probably learned to be a little more diplomatic than maybe Donnie [Wahlberg]'s character, but he has the same temper and I think we'll probably see it soon.”

Blue Bloods films on the streets of New York City. “It was essential for me. When I heard thoughts of ‘Well, maybe we'll shoot it somewhere else,’ I said, ‘Look, it's difficult for me to argue that shooting a show about New York won't be better shot in New York.’ That's not an argument that'd hold much water in, for instance, Toronto. No offense, Toronto, but I've shot there, and it's a lovely place to shoot, but it's different. I'm relocating, as are many of the cast, and we're doing it because we love the show. I'm kind of used to that. I'm not allowed to shoot in Los Angeles very often. The Jesse Stones are done in Halifax, which there will be more of, by the way.”

He’ll be doing double duty as Commissioner Reagan and Jesse Stone, and he gets to contribute a little behind the scenes too. “Jesse Stone, I wear a lot more hats. I got about one hat, maybe one and a half hats because I'm older. I don't want to butt in, and it's a matter of knowing my place. At the same time, I get ideas, so it's important to establish a working relationship. I've learned things as a producer, an executive producer and as a writer of a series, which is what Jesse Stone is now. But I'm pretty good at wearing the correct hat. I've seen people throw their weight around too much most of my life in this business, and I want to make sure I don't do that.”

Blue Bloods airs on CBS.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of CBS

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