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Blair Underwood on The Event

Published September 15, 2010 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of NBC
The Event The Event

We’ve just got black presidents everywhere now. It was a big deal when 24 and Deep Impact did it. Now we have a real one and Blair Underwood doesn’t seem so controversial on The Event.

Blair Underwood on The Event

“Elias Martinez is a newly elected President,” Underwood said. “He's very optimistic. He's very idealistic. He's very politically savvy. Otherwise, he wouldn't necessarily be in that job.”

As The Event begins, President Martinez is defying his advisors on a political matter. That sets up where the conflict might be headed in the series. “We know there are detainees. Weknow this President wants to release the detainees because it's not the American way. It's not the humane thing to do, but he also knows and is informed very eloquently by Željko [Ivanek]'s character that there are consequences to that.”

The series will explore those decisions, or maybe the president will just be faced with bigger problems as The Event unfolds. “The question is about faith and believing. This a President who embodies all of that sense of wanting to believe and have faith in the good and the noble causes. He's very smart to learn from the mistakes of the past.”

Underwood wants to learn from TV’s mistakes too. The Event is a slowly unfolding mystery, which works for some shows, but fails for others. “We all had these same questions as actors. How do we not fall into the traps that other shows have fallen into before? You learn from the past. We know what the mistakes were. We've seen it as viewers. Some people have been involved in these shows, and this production, as I can see, wants to avoid all those things.”

The Event premieres September 20th on NBC.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of NBC

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