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James Remar on Dexter

Published September 14, 2010 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of Showtime
Dexter Dexter

When your wife’s been murdered by the serial killer you’ve just killed and you’re a newly single dad, and you’re still hiding your secret life as a serial killer yourself, you may need some fatherly advice. Too bad Dexter’s father, Harry, is long dead, but he still sees visions of Harry in his mind. James Remar plays Harry, who’ll have a lot to teach Dexter this season.

James Remar on Dexter

“It seems to me and has seemed from the beginning that the one thing that differentiates Dexter from a serial killer you want dead is that Dexter kills bad guys and he was taught o do that by his dad,” Remar said. “So he has a code that he adheres to. And when things fall apart, at least in my life, I go to a reset and I fall back upon fundamentals. The fundamentals of Dexter's plague of his existence are the code. I know as I go on in my life, the lessons I was taught by my dad seem to resonate a lot louder as I approach ages that he was at when he taught me those lessons that I may not have understood at the time that he told me and tried to rebel against them and to differentiate myself.”

Even though Harry is just a voice in Dexter’s head, season five may show a more mature father/son bond. “I feel that a relationship between a father and a son can deepen as the son gets older and experiences more crap, so to speak. I enjoy playing with Michael because I don't know what's going on in his head as an actor, but it's sort of like a little bit of telepathy, that we have a basic understanding of what our relationship was like when he was very, very small. So it's a wonderful dance.”

We may have Harry to thank for Dexter, for allowing him to keep killing and for teaching him to kill the right people. “Once again, fathers and sons, we have to choose what we need and, I guess, leave the rest behind to differentiate ourselves, to be present. I mean Dexter’s a very special character, but Dexter's, I think, a wonderful representation of tabula rasa, the blank slate, and I feel that Dexter's a little more rasa-blanker than others. What a father tries to put on that slate sets the tone for a person's life aside from and in addition to the way they were born and the circumstances that they were born in. I personally feel that Harry brings a lot of love to Dexter and Dexter would have been in a box a long time ago if it weren't for Harry, in a word.”

Dexter returns September 26.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Showtime

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