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Jimmy Fallon on the Emmys

Published August 26, 2010 in Television
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders
Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon is in Los Angeles rehearsing for his gig as the host of this weekend’s Emmy awards. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is in reruns so he can help celebrate TVs best and brightest. He’s a fan of many of the nominees.

Fallon Hosts Emmys

“It is a crazy good year for TV,” Fallon said. “With everything as you've seen, but with the new shows like Modern Family and Glee and Parks and Rec and then the old shows going away, Law & Order, 24, Lost. Still trying to figure out what happened on Lost."

Fallon brought six of his Late Night writers to help him prepare jokes for the evening. Another important component of hosting will be keeping the show running on schedule.

“I don't worry at all. I just let them worry about it. Personally, as a fan of the Emmys and a fan of awards shows in general, you just want them to move along. You just want to keep them moving and keep it fast and tight. We're all with the same goal in mind. Even the people in the crowd, they’re just like, ‘Okay, I already lost. Let's get this over with.’ I mean, I want to keep it moving and keep it fresh and fun and respectful too.”

One new plan is that if they have to cut an acceptance speech short, they can let the winner continue speaking for online streaming video. “We were doing that thing with Ustream too this year so that you can continue your speech backstage on the Internet if people want. Like, if they want to thank their teacher or their dog so it's just going to be streaming. That will be fun. And then, we're going to do something with Twitter. We haven't figured that out yet, but we have a couple of ideas for that. Maybe the people at home can somehow get involved with the award show somehow, make it a little bit interactive.”

One thing Fallon is not there to do is make fun of the nominees. “We do throw away a lot of jokes sometimes if they're a little bit too mean. But they're funny, and I get the laugh out of it just in the office. On Saturday Night Live too, when I hit people, I do it in the nicest way, because I don't dislike anybody. I love everybody and I love the whole business that we're in. So I think just a little playful jab here and there. If you work with me or do any bit on my show, my goal is to make you look good. And if it doesn't look good, then I won't do it with you. I want you to come out doing good. I want you to work with me, because that's my job as a host, to make everyone else look good and have a good time.”

The Emmy Awards air August 29 on NBC.

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Ryan Parsons
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