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Lottery Ticket Not My Sense of Humor

Published August 20, 2010 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Lottery TicketLottery Ticket
I don’t get it. I’m sorry, I just don’t. It’s not my sense of humor. A hip young comedian comes in saying new made up words really fast. There are a lot of screaming crowds and I can’t tell what anyone is saying. When I can, I don’t get it.

Review: Lottery Ticket

Lottery Ticket is not for me but I dare say it shouldn’t be for the people it’s supposed to be for either. Yeah, there are different cultures and different tastes, but you can ask your entertainers to step it up a notch. Are you really bored when people tell jokes with punch lines and use the words we’ve all agreed upon?

Okay, so that’s not what this is. I can still see some good in it. The kids experience the trappings of money and then realize the harsh reality of it. Although nobody mentions the tax situation on collected lottery winnings, it does impact relationships and there are some surprises and twists, and real danger.

I get the idea of winning the lottery on Friday and having to make it through the weekend, but they actually overexplain it. He goes to the quickie mart where he bought the ticket on Friday to try to claim it, but decides to go to the government lotto office so he can claim the full amount. The store can only give him $600 up front.

Well, if he’d claimed the ticket at the store, he would go on the record as the winner. It wouldn’t matter who stole it, who cozied up to him. Okay, so he’s a kid and it wouldn’t be very funny to go through the proper procedure for collecting lottery winners. He also tells his loudest, most annoying friend while trying to keep a low profile.

I appreciate the values of the movie and it’s ultimately harmless. I simply wouldn’t go see movies that aren’t to my tastes except that it’s my job and there’s a spot this weekend to fill with this article. I do think one issue goes beyond personal taste though.

There are still bad stereotypes all over this movie. In the all black neighborhood, there are criminals, church zealots, loitering, gun toting, basketball playing hoodlums obsessed with overpriced sneakers. Does it really not bother the target audience that this is what they’re making for you? Well, if you want to keep seeing movies about the same stereotypical characters then buy a ticket. Hollywood will be happy to make more.

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Fred Topel
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