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Mary Elizabeth Winstead on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Published August 17, 2010 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Universal Pictures
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Poster Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Mary Elizabeth Winstead has been in some big movies. Live Free or Die Hard, Final Destination, Death Proof and even Sky High had lots of action and effects. Nothing prepared her for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

Michael Cera on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

“It was so much beyond anything I’d ever done,” Winstead said. “I’d never had to do any training for any of the other films that I’d done or anything like that so this was a whole new world of stunt training and wirework and kung fu. I think a lot of the other actors had done a lot more smaller films and indie films and things like that so I think I was more familiar than a lot of people with the big sets and big set pieces and things like that so a lot of things didn’t seem as crazy to me as it did to some of the other actors. I was sort of like, ‘This is just a day at work. This is how films are made’ coming off of Die Hard which was a crazy big action movie as well. But yeah, as far as my involvement, the ante was upped 100% so it was definitely a new experience for me.”

Scott Pilgrim has to fight his girlfriend’s seven evil exes. Winstead plays the girlfriend, Ramona Flowers. Based on the comic book, of course there are some changes to Ramona’s character in the film.

“I feel they really kept all the elements of Ramona that were important for the film. There certainly were a lot of details that were left out but you’re condensing six books into a two hour film and that kind of goes without saying. But I didn’t feel like there was that much that was lost when it comes to the whole story of everyone and the arc that everyone has to go through and the journeys that everyone has to fulfill throughout the film. I felt it’s hard to nitpick anything when you see a film and you feel like it’s perfect, so I certainly don’t regret anything about what they did with my character.”

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Poster Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Poster Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

The exes certainly put Scott through the ringer for Ramona and he fights for her. Ramona might not be quite as gung ho as her boyfriend is. “I think for Ramona it’s really a slow burn for her. I don't think she’s instantly smitten with Scott. I think she’s attracted to him and she doesn’t really know why necessarily. I think if I were to delve into her brain, it’s probably just that he represents something completely different from all the guys that she’s been with before. She’s trying to basically do what Scott’s been doing with Knives. Here’s a guy who’s just sort of simple and sweet and he’s not going to hurt me so I’ll give this a try and see where this goes. Then over the course of the film he kind of proves himself to be more than that and maybe a viable choice of someone to actually really be with.”

Ramona has colored hair, sometimes pink, sometimes blue, sometimes green. Changing her appearance helped Winstead feel like the comic book character. “Oh, it’s such a huge help. I was still kind of worried about my portrayal of Ramona and how I was going to do it and just the daunting task of becoming her the whole time through preproduction and everything. The day that we all put the clothes on and got the wig on and the makeup and everything, I suddenly was like, ‘Okay, I get what Edgar saw.’ Everyone was telling me, ‘You’re the perfect Ramona. You look just like Ramona.’ I was like, ‘What are you talking about? What do you mean?’ Then when we all got together and we had the complete looks, it all sort of clicked. It was surreal. That was a great thing to have before we started shooting because then we could all walk on the set and feel confident that we were right for the parts and that it was going to be okay.”

Scott Pilgrim vs The World is out in theaters now.

For the poster, trailers and more movie info, go to the Scott Pilgrim vs The World Movie Page.
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