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Will Ferrell on The Other Guys

Published August 5, 2010 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Universal Pictures
The Other Guys The Other Guys

Will Ferrell as a cop. That already sounds funny. In The Other Guys, he’s teamed with Mark Wahlberg as desk cops who have to step up and be action heroes. It’s from Ferrell’s frequent director Adam McKay.

Will Ferrell One of The Other Guys

“Basically the three of us went to dinner,” Ferrell said. “Adam and I had talked about for years the idea of working with Mark in a comedy and that we found him not only to be such a good actor but really funny at times in some of the roles that he’s done. So anyway, that was kind of the basic. We all sat down, had a dinner and thought about would you ever want to do a movie with us? Mark was like great and we talked about doing this and Adam came up with this idea of these guys who are literally the other guys on a force that no one cares about, that no one wants to listen to and kind of have their chance to step forward and prove that they can actually do something.”

Eva Mendes joins the fun as Ferrell’s wife, and they have a lot of fun out of his partner’s disbelief that he married such a hottie. “Eva and Mark and I at the dinner table for the first time discussing our relationship, especially just the combination of Eva’s earnestness and Mark’s just general dumbfounded reaction to the fact that all of this could be possible. Then my character’s nonchalance about it as well. That was a scene that we could have filmed all day long. The prior scene where we’re going over the information in the living room and Eva first walks in, that’s a genuine reaction from Mark when he’s laughing going, ‘Seriously, who is that?’ That’s not acting.”

The love scene between Mendes and Ferrell is funny too, because she has to dress like her 80-year-old mother to elude cops staked out outside her house. “It was strange to kiss Eva Mendes or try to at least. For me, in a way that I can’t believe it’s happening to me. That’s what I meant. But I make my wife wear a wig and older woman’s garments, when we pleasure each other.”

There’s also a lot of car chasing action in The Other Guys. “I think the choice of the Prius was more a very sensible car and it was a very Allen Gamble type vehicle. I think in the earlier drafts of the script, Mark's character drove a Dodge Challenger or something like that, a total muscle car. It was a nice contrast to what I drove.”

The usually standard barroom information scene gets hammed up when Ferrell starts singing with the locals. “As Adam was working on the script, you could just say text me any random ideas you have and one of them was what if Terry and Allen were at an Irish bar and in the scene where information has to be given out it's weekly folk singing night and one of the things Allen loved to do was sing Irish songs at a bar. I sent it to Adam and he wrote back, ‘going into the script.’"

The Other Guys opens to theaters on August 6th.

For the poster, trailers, clips and more movie info, go to the The Other Guys Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Universal Pictures

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