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Dinner for Schmucks Any Good?

Published July 22, 2010 in Early Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Universal Pictures
Dinner for Schmucks Dinner for Schmucks

The more videos I saw for Dinner for Schmucks the more I felt I needed to see it (in theaters). Shenanigans, more shenanigans, and Jemaine Clement. I dig it. But does this domestic remake live up to the original? From what we can tell, pretty damn close.

Dinner for Schmucks Reviewed

Some of the first official reviews have surfaced for Dinner for Schmucks and the general consensus is that the film has enough hilarity to attract high box office numbers. From what I've seen so far that sounds about right. Check out a couple snippets below.

Steve Carell finds a character more clueless than Michael Scott in broad laffer redeemed by occasional quirks. NEW YORK -- A tale of new-friend stalkerdom so extreme it makes "The Cable Guy" look tame, "Dinner for Schmucks" mocks its central buffoon as mercilessly as the soulless execs it would scold for doing the same thing. Though not as guffaw-rich as previous efforts by the talents involved, it comes close enough to the mark to please their fans, spelling strong boxoffice appeal if not comic edge.

Dinner for Schmucks Dinner for Schmucks

Paul Rudd plays the straight man, while Steve Carell charitably tackles the lonely loser who stumbles into his humiliation scheme, in "Dinner for Schmucks," an uproarious odd-couple remake of Francis Veber's hit French farce "The Dinner Game" (once second only to "Titanic" at the Gallic B.O.). American adaptations of Veber's works have been all over the map, from "The Birdcage" to "Father's Day" (when DreamWorks optioned "Dinner," it too was intended to star Robin Williams). Here, helmer Jay Roach takes the wickedly un-PC premise and renders it positively benign, emerging with a nutty crowd-pleaser in the process.

Curiuos to know more? Then check out the entire reviews for Dinner for Schmucks by clicking the bold links above.

Dinner for Schmucks opens to theaters on July 23rd.

For more movie info, go to the Dinner for Schmucks Movie Page.

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