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Walton Goggins on Predators

Published July 13, 2010 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of 20th Century Fox
Predators Predators
The Predators collected all of earth’s most vicious warriors for their latest hunting safari. Walton Goggins plays Stans, a convict who seems to revel in his history of rape and drugs. You might just be waiting for him to get killed by a predator, but you might just like him a little too.

Walton Goggins on Predators

“I actually thought if I can make the audience think I’m going to say something sentimental and kind of lull them in a sense of, ‘You know, we are all in this together and I just can’t wait to get home and have a hamburger’ and then he goes off, ‘I can’t wait to get home and do a bunch of cocaine!’” Goggins explained. “In his mind, he thinks, ‘You know what? I’m going to get off this planet and I’m going to be an even bigger celebrity when I get back home. There is no way they are going to put me back in jail.’ For me, I looked at it as a moment of comic relief for the audience to kind of sit back and laugh for a minute, and to kind of bring this team together in a very intimate setting.”

He’s made us feel for Shane on The Shield, no matter how bad things got. “My struggle, or not struggle, but my blessing and curse as an actor has been from The Shield to a lot of things that I’ve done, have been to take someone on paper that the audience should hate immediately, and you know this guy and you will not like him, and then kind of turn it around and make you feel for him. Make you laugh, let you in, and kinda paint him three dimensional. Yeah, you look for your place in a movie.”

Getting into Stans mindset was fun process though. “He digressed. I just read Playboy. Just sitting in prison. The thing about the physicality for actors, you have to think about it and once you kind of get that down, then the rest of it starts to kind of fall into place. For me, Stans is the guy who is incarcerated for the better part of the 20 years, and I didn’t really think about this until I got there. After having thought about his time in jail, there was one piece that I kind of missed and I talked about it with Nimrod the first day and I said, ‘You know, Stans hasn’t walked for more than 6 feet in one direction for 15 years. Except for maybe once a week or something like that to be taken to the shower. You know, he is not socialized. He is not around people.’ And so, I guess my preparation was almost the antithesis of Adrien’s in that this is a guy who has never been in the woods, much less the jungle. He has high top Converse prison-issued tennis shoes on. All of it’s weird. His walk is weird. You are walking for miles, I mean that’s crazy! I was in a cell yesterday. This doesn’t make sense. So my physical preparation was the lack of physical preparation, which was really interesting for me as an actor. That had never happened before.”

From Hawaii to Austin, the Predators shoot put the stars in extreme conditions. “I don’t know that there wasn’t a day that wasn’t challenging. Honestly, I mean the movie started off in Hawaii and it was, you know, 95 degrees and 89% humidity, so we were all soaking wet for most of the day. Where we were filming, I think the biggest predators that aren’t seen in this movie are the mosquitoes which were enormous. And you can’t really sit down. Everybody is uncomfortable. It is very hard to work in a situation like that. And not just for the actors, but for the crew. It is very difficult to set shots up. Then we left Hawaii and went back to Austin where is was warm for two days and then it dropped down into 40s, to the 30s, and to the 20s, but you have to match the movie so we were soaking wet. We would get sprayed down before every take when it is 20 degrees outside. It was very physically challenging, I think, for all of us. Adrien had it the worst. Yeah, every day was tough.”

Predators is out in theaters now.

For the trailers, review and more movie info, go to the Predators Movie Page.

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