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Sharlto Copley on The A-Team

Published June 16, 2010 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of 20th Century Fox
We all met Sharlto Copley last summer in his debut movie, District 9. That turned out so well for him that he was chosen to play Murdock in The A-Team movie. movie. This was the fulfillment of a childhood dream for him, because even in South Africa, Copley was a huge A-Team fan.

Sharlto Copley on The A-Team

“I had an A-Team gang in school when I was 11-years-old,” Copley said. “Another group, another gang started trying to compete with us to also be the A-Team in my class and so we said look, there can only be one, so I challenged them. We basically agreed to have a war. We went down on the field and had a little fight. The stakes were, if you lose, you are no longer the A-Team, you play some other group. So we went down to the field and we had a war and we won. We became the only A-team. I had everything. I had the action figures, the dossier that you got, those trading cards we fold up, everything.”

A-Team is an even bigger production than District 9, yet it worked out easier for Copley. “It was a very different process in a sense that it was in a lot of ways. It’s actually more fun. District 9 is very grueling and the role is quite heavy at times, you know, emotion and everything else. I found this actually very easy. The character came very naturally to me. My part was the smallest of the four so I had a lot of off time. I had a lot of down time in my trailer so I did have lemurs visiting in my trailer and then turn it into a petting zoo. These things you do on these big movies. I find the characters fun. These guys are crazy.”

The A-Team The A-Team

The trappings of Hollywood production were luxurious to Copley. “It was like a holiday for me compared to District 9. I sat in the trailer and changed channels on Direct TV. I had my grill and I had candles. One day I remember Bradley was sitting outside his trailer all by himself and he was playing. He was serenading us. He was playing this music because he was all jealous because my trailer was all homey and I had incense going. I was like, ‘This is the way to do it.’ He lived in my trailer for the first four nights. He seriously did. We were meant to stay in a motel but it was an hour’s drive away. And I, just jokingly, I was like the new guy, said, ‘Why wouldn’t we just stay in the trailer? The trailer is nicer than the motel room.’ He was like ‘Hahahahah!’ and then I saw Liam and he was going, ‘Can we do that?’ I said, ‘I don’t know. It just sort of popped up.’ We had barbecues at his place. In the beginning that was very cool.”

Murdock is the crazy wild card of The A-Team, and that played to all of Copley’s strengths. “The reason I ended up being an actor was that my buddy who put me in District 9 knew that I did different voices and different characters with my staff as a business executive. So I was certainly able to draw on a lot of aspects of myself. Then the interesting thing about the character, which on the one hand is very comedic, it was just interesting to actually see what I would take away from it. Probably there’s a likeness with which when you view the world through those kind of eyes, nothing is actually as serious as you might think. If you’re gonna go down in a plane or in any type of vehicle, and you know you’re going to die, for example, Murdoch would probably die laughing. On the one hand, it’s kind of funny to watch, but if you really think about what that means, it’s kinda cool. I would love to be able to say that if I knew my plane was going down, your choice is die in a state of complete terror or just let go completely and go out laughing. It’s weird. It’s kind of a humbling character to play in a way in that sense.”

The A-Team is out in theaters now.

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