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Columbia Prepping Ghost Rider Sequel

Published June 16, 2010 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Columbia Pictures, Variety
International Ghost Rider Poster Ghost Rider
Though we've already been told some time ago that Columbia Pictures was working on a possible Ghost Rider sequel, it took until now for the studio to take the project seriously. Columbia Pictures is not only in talks with Nicolas Cage to return, but also helming team Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor to direct.

Columbia Pictures Revs Up Ghost Rider Sequel

If you think you've heard of those directors before, this is the same duo that jumped from commercials onto the Crank franchise and later Gamer. Neveldine and Taylor are also credited for writing the script for Warner Bros' upcoming adaptation of Jonah Hex.

So why did it take until now for Columbia to begin fueling the sequel? Well, they would have taken even longer, if it wasn't for their pesky contract with Marvel, which says that the property returns to the publisher turned studio if a sequel isn't at least put into production by November. The studio is making some ground, as Scott Gimple and Seth Hoffman have already penned the sequel screenplay, which is based on a story by David Goyer.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Columbia Pictures, Variety

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