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Quinton Rampage Jackson on The A-Team

Published June 14, 2010 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of 20th Century Fox
If you’re worried about somebody new playing Mr. T’s character, B.A. Baracus, the new actor has a treat for you. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson takes on the character you know in The A-Team movie, but gets to show you some new stuff.

Liam Neeson Leads The A-Team

“You’ll learn were B.A. gets the Mohawk and why he’s afraid of flying,” Jackson said. “You can’t beat that. I always wanted to know where that stuff came from.”

The MMA fighter knows better than to try to take over. “Everybody know that Mr. T’s character was played so well that people thought the character’s name was Mr. T. There is no way around it. There is no way I was going to come and try to outdo Mr. T. What I did is I just went around the whole thing. I’m such a big fan of the whole operation and of this character that I figured that if I just be myself and put myself in there maybe the fans would accept me because I’m such a big fan and maybe I will gain new fans as well. A lot of my MMA fans are young boys that knew nothing about The A-Team. They knew who Mr. T was but they knew nothing about The A-Team. I just wanted to do that. I didn’t try to be Mr. T. I didn’t want to fill his shoes or anything like that. I just want to go and come and just do a good a job and help make a great movie. That’s all I cared about. I didn’t care anything about my character and stuff. I just wanted to have like a great movie. I’m just a big fan of the series.”

The A-Team The A-Team

In the ring, Jackson fights for real. On a movie set, he had to learn not to hit the stuntmen. “I actually did a fight movie before, a couple years ago, and I learned a lot on a fight movie. It taught me how to choreograph fighting. I was really interested in it. I learned a lot. So when I had a chance to do it here, it was on a bigger scale. We had Ben Bray. He’s a lot better than the other people I was working with and he taught me some steps, like quick, easy stuff. It was so easy. The only problem I had is when the guys would punch me, I went to defensive mode. I was doing my defense. I remember doing the real fight and he was trying to get me not to do that and it was just instinct. Then, on the day, I just automatically did it and he just kept doing this, ‘Ah, it looks good.’ So that’s the only problem I had. Everybody was cool and nobody hurt me so I was happy with that.”

If this acting thing takes off, Jackson might have to take time out of the fight game. Certainly the luxuries of Hollywood productions wouldn’t help him in the ring. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, taking time off most definitely gets you rusty in fighting, because it’s not good in my sport to take a lot of time off but I think I feel in love with acting. I really like this and I really like doing this. I think if I can, I’m a fighter in every aspect. I think if I could fight this thing. I think I can probably act and fight the right opponent, get a warm up fight, then come back and fight the tougher guys later. Sometimes I notice you have a big break in between acting. Sometimes you probably won’t do a movie for a year or two years. I think I can do it if I get the right opponents and warm up fights and it’s just something new for me. This is a new fight for me to try to beat. I gotta win this over because I like doing both.”

The A-Team is out in theaters now.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of 20th Century Fox

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